Replace Staff Discounts with Pet Insurance

While free or heavily-subsidized care for staff pets is a great benefit for your team, there are downsides. Subsidized care costs your practice real revenue and is difficult to budget for. There are also lingering questions relating to tax implications. So, to avoid these challenges, progressive hospitals are now offering pet insurance as a staff benefit. More than anything else, pet insurance as a staff benefit smooths out the year-to-year volatility and imparts a strong measure of predictability into the management of your practice.

Pet insurance policies paid by your hospital for staff pets may even be tax deductible to the business. However, the staff member would still have to pay personal income tax on that “income” because pet insurance is not a tax-free benefit under law.

Embrace offers the most generous veterinary staff discount in the industry – a guaranteed 20% off our accident and illness coverage. Plus, the Embrace policy extends beyond your practice, so if a staff pet needs care that your hospital can’t provide – it’s still covered.

Contact Your Outreach Representative to Learn More

Let us help you create a package that works for your team. Our Outreach Representatives have years of experience advising veterinary hospitals on pet insurance as a staff benefit. They’ll answer all your questions and help you put together quotes for your team that incorporates our 20% discount to veterinary staff.

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*Veterinary staff discount not available in FL & ND.