Veterinary Spotlight: Blackwood Animal Hospital

Kara Bednarik

Blackwood Animal Hospital

Embrace Pet Insurance would like to give warm recognition to Blackwood Animal Hospital, located in Blackwood, New Jersey. Every Friday, Blackwood Animal Hospital hosts a spay/neuter clinic to help local rescues and shelters in the area. It’s a big day for the animal hospital, and it requires lots of hard work to keep it up – but they keep going because they know it’s necessary work and are happy to give back. We interviewed them about this impressive endeavor.

Embrace: What was the spark that started this weekly event?
Blackwood Animal Hospital: We really wanted to help the shelter and rescue community.

E: When did you start this?
BAH: It first started in 2015 and expanded from two shelters/rescues.

E: How many pets do you spay/neuter in one day in that short time period?
BAH: During our open spay/neuter clinic, we typically see between 25 and 40 patients on average.

E: How many pets have you spayed/neutered since you started?
BAH: We do about 1,500 spays/neuters per year and started this in 2015. I’d estimate we’ve done about 6,500 spays/neuters to date.

E: How many of the pets you’ve helped spay/neuter have been adopted?
BAH: Every one of them.

E: How many rescues/shelters do you currently work with?
BAH: We started with two but have expanded and now work with more than 40.

E: Has your practice grown based on the recommendation the rescues/shelters make for the pets to go to Blackwood? If so, about how many new clients would you guess?
BAH: It definitely has. We probably gain around 50 new clients per year just from this initiative.

E: How big is the team that does this every Friday?
BAH: There are five team members that do this every Friday.

E: What is the most difficult part of that day?
BAH: Check in. Once they’re checked in, it’s relatively smooth-sailing.

E: How long does it take you to get everything set up for Friday?
BAH: It takes the entire week to set up for the spay/neuter day.

E: Do you have advice for other practices who might be considering doing something like this?
BAH: It takes a lot of hard work, so getting dedicated team players is the most important thing.

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