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For the past several years, artificial Intelligence (AI, or even machine learning) has been a hot topic in medicine, technology and several other industries focused on streamlining efficiencies and gaining accuracy. Generally, AI is primarily concerned with the development of smart machines or programs that can perform tasks that usually require human intelligence. While some of this technology and science exists already in veterinary medicine, one company has decided to focus on introducing AI into teleradiology for quicker results, fewer expenses, and more accuracy in diagnostics.

Embrace recently teamed up with Vetology AI to learn more about its teleradiology AI service, as the use of this technology for diagnosis of covered conditions is eligible for coverage under Embrace’s accident and illness policy.

Vetology is the first to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning to read radiographs. The technology allows veterinary practices the ability to receive clinic findings and recommendations in a matter of minutes, rather than waiting several hours or days while radiographs are sent out to third-parties to generate reports.

To improve veterinary teleradiology’s long-term availability and affordability for ALL practices, Vetology’s AI focuses on four key areas including technology, service, expertise to add clinical value to services provided, and stability for a portion of the teleradiology market in terms of price and turn-around time to make the technology accessible to practice operations.

1. The Vetology AI

First and foremost, this veterinary radiology Artificial Intelligence is trained by experienced boarded radiologists to evaluate radiographs. Vetology AI is the first and only teleradiology solution to incorporate clinically validated Artificial Intelligence. Studies have shown superior performance of a combined human1 and AI-augmented radiology model compared to either human or machine alone.1-3

2. Teleradiology Expertise

This is traditional Vetology teleradiology, a worldwide teleradiology service established in 2010. Even with the addition of new technology and AI, Vetology is an expert in what is considered traditional teleradiology. This is the second half of the AI-radiologist model that Vetology offers.

With years of experience in veterinary teleradiology, Vetology offers veterinarians a comprehensive solution to achieve the best and most sustainable long-term teleradiology solution.

3. Vetology Image Match Technology

This is a very fast computer matching solution that finds a “look-a-like” image to the radiograph, as well as a corresponding radiologist report. Image Match is valuable to clinicians looking for something specific. It’s mainly used either for comparison purposes or to provide users with a word or phrase to express findings that are common to experienced radiologists.

4. Service from DVMs, or Vetologists

Ask a Vetologist is a Vetology service that holds value for clinicians who have specific questions about an image or study. It was developed to assist clinicians who have a good handle on what’s occurring but have lingering questions that need clarity. The power of Ask a Vetologist is to have a case interpretation performed by a Vetologist or boarded radiologist who can address the specific need without a full read. The Vetologists are DVMs with additional radiology training and work directly with boarded veterinary radiologists.

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3 A Radiologist's Introduction to AI and Machine Learning Book by Leigh Shuman and Ty Vachon

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