2017 Veterinary Testimonials

Embrace Testimonials

With 2017 coming to an end, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on some special Embraced pet parent stories from veterinary clinics across the country. Some of these pets have faced serious accidents or illnesses, while others received regular check-ups or dental exams with the help of our Wellness Rewards program. From small claims to large claims, these pet parents were all thankful to have pet insurance. We’ve chosen five pet parent stories to share with you below. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media pages, as well as our Customer Claim Stories on our website, to see how Embrace helps clients just like yours on a regular basis.

Patricia Popa, Employed at Avon Lake Animal Clinic: Just wanted to thank you for taking care of my Monet these past 5 years. I've worked at Avon Lake Animal Clinic for 20+ years now and Embrace is the best pet insurance we have ever had! I am proud to recommend Embrace to our clients. Your pamphlet is in every new client, new kitten, and new puppy folder we give our clients. Thank you for being the very best at what you do!

Ashley Bell, Client of The Alice Springs Veterinary Hospital: I just want to thank Embrace for the effort you put into your work and say how amazing of a company this is. My 4-year-old dog was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year, and the fact that almost everything is covered is a blessing. Every claim I have submitted has been assessed quickly and the individuals who work in claims have taken a lot of stress off my shoulders. Thank you so much!

Veterinary Staff, Richman Animal Clinic: A client’s dog, Anna, was diagnosed with bladder stones in December, and ultimately had to have surgery last month due to a urethral obstruction. Her owners have Embrace Pet Insurance and we just received notice that almost her entire claim was covered. Her claim totaled $1,027.68 and the owners were reimbursed for almost the full amount! Thank you to Embrace Pet Insurance and our Embrace Territory Representative, Kendra Williams, for the great service that you provide to our clients!

Ellen Riger, Client of Kindness Animal Clinic and Animal Eye Care Center: I am very pleased with your service and the way Gilli’s claims have been handled. It is not too much to say that without our doctor, Dr. Eric Smith, and without your insurance, Gilli would have remained with almost total blindness, the risk of glaucoma, and other complications. I just simply could not have afforded the surgery and additional procedure. I am grateful for your services and the kindness I have had over the phone with your agents. Thank you!

Sherry Pata, Employed at Paradise Ridge Pet Clinic: We recently recommended Embrace to a client with a young lab puppy. No sooner had they set up their plan when the puppy ate a pair of their granddaughter's underwear that required surgery to remove them. At last count, the bill for care was over $12,000! They could have never afforded that cost without insurance. Our clients are beyond pleased with Embrace.

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