Need to Know Details

Waiting periods are required for all newly Embraced pets. All waiting periods start on the date your new pet's policy becomes effective. Accidents and illnesses that occur or are diagnosed during the waiting period will not be covered.

Embrace's Waiting Periods

  • Illnesses: 14 days
  • Accidents: 48 hours or 14 days, depending on your state of residence [1].
  • Orthopedic conditions: 6 months (This waiting period only applies to dogs and can be reduced to 14 days by following the Orthopedic Exam and Waiver Process below.)

Orthopedic Exam and Waiver Process for Dogs

You may be able to reduce your dog's 6-month orthopedic waiting period if you take him to your veterinarian for a simple orthopedic exam after you purchase your policy.

Your vet will record findings on the Embrace Orthopedic Exam Report Card for the following areas:

  • The hips and legs for signs of hip dysplasia, luxating patellas (slipping knee caps), and cruciate ligament tears
  • The shoulders and forelimbs for signs of elbow dysplasia and osteochondritis dissecans
  • The spine for signs of intervertebral disc disease
  • All joints for signs of arthritis
  • All bones for signs of fractures and bone cancers

No other diagnostic tests, procedures, or X-rays are required. The exam is not covered by your insurance policy, but the cost can be reimbursed if you have Embrace Wellness Rewards.

If the exam is performed within the first 14 days of your policy, your orthopedic waiting period will be reduced to the end of your illness waiting period. If it's past the first 14 days, it's reduced to the day of your orthopedic exam. Unfortunately, we cannot accept examinations carried out before your policy's official start date.

3 Simple Steps to Completing the Orthopedic Exam and Waiver Process
  1. Download a copy of your pet's Orthopedic Exam Report Card from MyEmbrace.
  2. Have your veterinarian examine your dog and complete the form.
  3. Upload the completed form via MyEmbrace or fax it to (800) 238-1042.

We will acknowledge receipt of the form and let you know the results of your waiver request.

Required Vet Visit

In order to satisfy your policy terms and conditions, your pet needs to have been seen by a licensed veterinarian in the past 12 months and you need to have access to the exam record. If not, you must visit your veterinarian within the first 14 days of your policy before coverage begins. Currently Embrace does not need immediate proof of this exam; however, we will ask for it in the future, when processing claims. The exam needs to contain medical findings so spay/neuter or vaccine clinics may not qualify. Please contact us if you have any questions.

[1] State accident waiting periods

48 Hours: AL, AK, AZ, AR, CA, CO, CT, DE, DC, GA, HI, IL, IN, IA, KY, LA, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, MS, NE, NV, NJ, NM, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, SD, TN, TX, UT, VA, WI, WY (48 Hours as of 4/18/2018 in KS)

14 Days: FL, ID, KS, MO, NH, ND, RI, SC, VT, WA, WV