Understanding Genetic Conditions

A genetic condition is caused by a defect in the underlying genes that are transmitted to a puppy or kitten from his or her parents. These gene defects run in families and some breeds have many more of them than other breeds, hence the term breed-specific condition.

Pet Insurance Coverage for Genetic & Breed-specific Conditions

These conditions can lie dormant for years. When they do show signs, it can be very expensive to treat them. An Embrace plan will pay your veterinary bills in the event that your pet develops one.

Treatment for many breed-specific conditions requires corrective surgery and some are chronic conditions that require ongoing care. Among the most common breed-specific conditions are:

To learn more about breed-specific conditions or any other pet health condition, visit our Pet Health Condition Library.

Embrace Covers Genetic & Breed-specific Conditions

All Embrace accident and illness policies fully cover breed-specific conditions with no per-incident or per-condition limits. You do not pay extra for this coverage. It’s important to note that pre-existing conditions are not covered, whether breed-specific or not.