Routine Care Comparison

Routine care plans are not offered by all pet insurance companies. Here we help explain the differences among some of those that do.


Select the pet insurance providers below to see how Embrace compares to other plans.

If there's one thing every new pet parent quickly learns, it's that the cost of routine care for your dog or cat can easily add up to hundreds of dollars per year. Here's a breakdown of typical routine care costs:

  • Puppy: $700 in the first year

  • Kitten: $450 in the first year

  • Adult dog: $350/year

  • Adult cat: $250/year

Puppy and kitten estimations include costs for spaying/neutering, wellness exams, and vet-recommended preventatives & vaccinations. Adult pet estimations remove the costs for spaying/neutering.

So naturally, we find many pet parents are looking for help managing these costs. Below you'll find a comparison of routine care plans from Embrace, Nationwide, Pets Best, and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. Trupanion, Pet Plan, Figo, and Healthy Paws do not offer help with routine care.

Company/Product Reimbursement Limits
Embrace Wellness Rewards* Flexible $250, $450, or $650 per year
Nationwide Pet Wellness Plus Fixed/Preset Per Item
Pets Best BestWellness Fixed/Preset Per Item
ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Prime Preventative Care Fixed/Preset Per Item

Why Flexible Reimbursement is Better Than Fixed

With Embrace, there are no preset limits on how much of your routine care allowance you can spend toward any particular item. This is the key difference between plans. When you have fixed maximums per item (e.g. $50 to spend on preventative medications) it makes it more difficult to get the full value. In essence, you end up either paying for items you don't need each year or getting too little back on the items you do need. Information last updated April 2017.