Pet Insurance Alternatives: Pet Assure®

Pet Assure is not pet insurance, instead they are a veterinary discount program.  

Once you understand the differences between a pet insurance policy and a Pet Assure veterinary discount plan, you may want to do a comparison to find the best pet insurance company for you.

Pet Assure vs. Pet Insurance

Pet Assure claims they “cover” pre-existing conditions, wellness care, and veterinary services, but in reality, they merely discount these services up to 25%. In order to receive the discount, you must visit a Pet Assure-participating veterinary practice. Embrace Pet Insurance plans can be used at any veterinary hospital and cover unexpected accidents and illnesses.


Select the pet insurance providers below to see how Embrace compares to other plans.

Plan featuresPet Assure
Use Any Veterinary HospitalCheck IconX Icon
Reimburses for Accidents & IllnessesCheck IconX Icon
Reimburses for ER VisitsCheck IconX Icon
Includes Preventative CareOptional Wellness RewardsCheck Icon
Covers Diagnostic TestingCheck IconOnly testing done in-house
Covers Take-home MedicineCheck IconX Icon

How Pet Assure Differs from Pet Insurance

Rather than reimbursing vet bills, Pet Assure offers a discount on services for your pet at select veterinary practices.

If your dog or cat had an accident or got sick at 3am, you would have to find a Pet Assure-approved emergency hospital in your area in order to benefit from their services. If there isn’t one available at that time, you would be responsible for the full veterinary bill without any discount.

If you had Embrace Pet Insurance in the same situation, you could use any vet and be reimbursed up to 90% of the vet bill after your deductible.

Embrace Covers Routine Care Too

Some pet insurance companies offer additional wellness or routine care products. These are usually optional and purchased in addition to your pet insurance plan. Embrace’s Wellness Rewards plan reimburses you 100% up to your selected annual allowance for everyday veterinary, training, and grooming. With Pet Assure, only some of these services are discounted by 25%.

Pairing Pet Insurance with the Pet Assure Veterinary Discount Program

If you have a Pet Assure plan, you can still submit claims for reimbursement to Embrace Pet Insurance. Embrace will reimburse covered claims based on the price that you paid after Pet Assure’s discount is added. You are still responsible for your annual deductible and copay, but it’s a great way to save even more on vet bills.

Information last updated May 2019