Compare Embrace to Wagmo Pet Insurance

Wagmo Pet Insurance’s policy limits the deductible options you can choose from so it’s tough to create a plan that fits your budget. They also have per-incident limits that could cost you more if your pet develops a chronic condition. Finally, if you’re looking for a plan that covers complementary treatments*, Wagmo Pet Insurance isn’t the way to go as they offer no coverage for it.

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Select the pet insurance providers below to see how Embrace compares to other plans.

Plan Features
No Per-incident Lifetime Limits
No Lifetime Limits
Coverage for Complementary Treatments* Included
Repetitive Behavior Coverage
Preventative Care Plan
Medical Waste Fee Coverage
Covers Working, Law Enforcement, & Guarding Activities
Medical Records Requirement 12 Months Full Medical History
No Annual Dental Exam Required
Preventable Condition Coverage Included
Diminishing Deductible
Repetitive Behavior Coverage
Covers Internal & External Parasites
Customizable Annual Maximum & Reimbursement Percentage
Hip Dysplasia Coverage on All Accident & Illness Policies
No Time Restrictions on RX Diet Reimbursement
Waiting Periods 2 Days for Accidents 14 Days for Illnesses 30 Days for Cancer 15 Days for Accident & Illness
Cancer Coverage Included
No Extra Office Visits for Senior Pets
No Annual Wellness Visit Required
Deductible Options 10 3
Available in all 50 States
Covers After-hours Care
24/7 Pet Telehealth
Pets Covered Internationally

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.

23 Reasons to Consider Embrace over Wagmo Pet Insurance

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1. Wagmo Pet Insurance has Per-incident Limitations

Wagmo Pet Insurance has per-incident limits for claims of $10,000. Embrace’s policy allows you to claim injuries and illnesses up to your annual maximum with no lifetime limits. (Eligible states are allowed $1,000 per policy year for dental illness with no lifetime limit.)

2. Wagmo Pet Insurance has a Lifetime Limit

Wagmo Pet Insurance has a $100,000 lifetime limit on their policy. Embrace reimburses you up to your annual maximum each year without a lifetime cap.

3. Embrace Includes Complementary Treatments 

Wagmo Pet Insurance doesn’t cover complementary treatments like acupuncture, chiropractic care, physical therapy, or hydrotherapy. Embrace includes complementary treatments* on every policy at no extra cost.

4. Wagmo Pet Insurance has Lifetime Limits on Repetitive Behavior

Wagmo Pet Insurance limits coverage for repetitive behavior, including foreign body ingestion, if more than two incidents happen in an 18-month period. Embrace covers one surgical removal of a foreign body ingestion per policy year, and there are no coverage restrictions for dog fights, toxin ingestion, or other repetitive behaviors.

5. Wagmo Pet Insurance has Itemized Limitations for Wellness Plans

Wagmo Pet Insurance has itemized limitations for their wellness plans. If you don’t use the funds in their set categories, then you lose them. Embrace promotes, rewards, and encourages healthy pets by offering Wellness Rewards, an optional non-insurance product that reimburses for everyday veterinary, grooming, and training costs with no itemized limits.

6. Medical Waste Fees are Covered with Embrace

Wagmo Pet Insurance does not include medical waste fees or biohazard waste fees in their coverage. This charge usually isn’t a very significant piece of the vet bill, but it can add up if pets are seen weekly or monthly. Embrace includes this coverage in our policy at no extra cost.

7. Embrace Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding Activities

Wagmo Pet Insurance doesn’t cover injury or illness a pet sustains while racing, working with law enforcement, or guarding. As long as you let us know your pet is involved in any of these activities at the start of your plan, or when your pet becomes involved, Embrace will cover them.

8. Wagmo Pet Insurance Requires Full Medical History to Process Claims

Wagmo Pet Insurance requires a pet’s full medical records to process claims – that could go back many years! Embrace only needs the last 12 months of records, or for new pets, records back to the first visit you’ve had with them.

9. No Dental Exam Required with Embrace

In order to receive coverage for dental illnesses under Wagmo Pet Insurance’s policy, pets must undergo an annual dental exam at the owner’s expense. Embrace’s dental illness coverage doesn’t require any sort of annual checkup.

10. Wagmo Doesn't Cover Preventable Conditions

Wagmo Pet Insurance does not cover conditions that are preventable with vaccines or preventatives, including heartworm, fleas, internal parasites, and more. Embrace covers preventable conditions.

11. Embrace Offers the Industry's Best Diminishing Deductible Feature

With Embrace’s Healthy Pet Deductible, your pet's annual deductible automatically goes down by $50 each year you don't receive an insurance-claim reimbursement. This is included with every policy at no extra charge.

12. Embrace Offers More Budget-friendly Coverage Options than Wagmo Pet Insurance

Wagmo Pet Insurance does not allow customization to the annual maximum or the percentage of reimbursement of their plan. Embrace allows you to pick your annual deductible, annual maximum, and reimbursement percentage. Wagmo Pet Insurance’s policy is a set reimbursement that leaves little wiggle room. With their high reimbursement percentage, the premium is likely to be much higher. All pet insurance premiums increase over time for one reason or another, and with Embrace’s policy you can make small changes in your coverage to fit your budget.

13. Wagmo Pet Insurance Limits Coverage for Hip Dysplasia

Wagmo Pet Insurance limits coverage for hip dysplasia by not covering it for pets older than six years. That means that as your pet ages, they won’t be covered for this condition, period. Embrace covers this condition on all accident and illness policies no matter the age of the pet at enrollment, as long as it isn’t pre-existing.

14. Embrace Reimburses More for Prescription Medications

Wagmo Pet Insurance offers only 50% back on prescription medications – plus, prescriptions are only covered if the coverage is added on at an extra cost. Embrace reimburses your pet's prescriptions at the reimbursement percentage you choose for your policy, and coverage is included at no extra cost.

15. Embrace has Shorter Waiting Periods than Wagmo Pet Insurance

Wagmo Pet Insurance has a 30-day waiting period for cancer and a 15-day waiting period for accidents and illnesses. Embrace has a 14-day waiting period for illnesses and a two-day waiting period for accidents to get you covered sooner.

16. Embrace Includes Coverage for Cancer with Every Policy

Wagmo Pet Insurance doesn't cover cancer in their standard policy; that coverage must be purchased at an additional cost. Cancer and all related treatments are covered on every Embrace policy at no extra cost. 

17. Embrace Doesn’t Require Extra Office Visits for Senior Pets

Wagmo Pet Insurance requires dogs older than eight years of age and cats older than 10 years of age must follow all vet advice about senior wellness testing in order to have coverage – which means that additional vet visits and tests would be required.

18. Wagmo Pet Insurance Requires an Annual Wellness Vet Visit

Wagmo Pet Insurance requires all pets have an annual wellness visit in order to qualify for coverage. While Embrace encourages you to see your vet annually (and reimburses for it with Wellness Rewards), there is absolutely no requirement.

19. Embrace Offers More Deductible Options that Work with Your Budget

Wagmo Pet Insurance only offers $500, $750, and $1,000 deductible options which can be limiting when it comes to finding the most affordable plan. Embrace offers deductible options as low as $200 so that you can find the perfect plan for you and your furry friend.

20. Embrace is Available in Every State

Wagmo Pet Insurance is currently only available in some states, so coverage may be hard to find. Embrace is licensed in every state in the US and ready to insure your pet.

21. Wagmo Pet Insurance Doesn't Cover Visits Outside of Standard Operating Hours

Wagmo Pet Insurance only covers injury and illness visits that happen during a vet's normal operating hours, and will only cover after-hours care if the veterinarian certifies that immediate life-saving care was required. Embrace has absolutely no restrictions on the times your coverage is effective – if you feel your pet requires a midnight ER visit to get proper care, we've got you covered.

22. Wagmo Pet Insurance Doesn’t Offer a 24/7 Pet Health Line

Wagmo Pet Insurance does not give their policyholders access to pet professionals round-the-clock, so if you have questions about your pet’s behavior, diet, or a possible emergency, you’d have to wait for your vet’s regular business hours. Embrace has partnered with PawSupport to give our policyholders access to Pet Pros 24 hours a day, seven days a week – even on holidays. And the best part is this feature is included with every policy at no extra cost.

23. Wagmo Pet Insurance Doesn’t Cover Pets Internationally

Wagmo Pet Insurance’s policy only covers pets in the United States, United States territories, and Canada. Embrace covers your pet wherever you travel, even when traveling internationally for up to six months.

*Complementary treatments were previously called alternative therapies.