Compare Embrace to Petco Pet Insurance

Petco Pet Insurance’s policy has limited deductible options, which can make it tough to get a policy that fits your budget. Their wellness plan also has itemized limits, so it’ll be more difficult to get the full benefit of it each year.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Compared to Petco Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Petco Pet Insurance. Below we break down some of the key plan features of Embrace Pet Insurance and Petco Pet Insurance.


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Plan featuresPetco Pet Insurance
Flexible wellness planCheck IconX Icon
Deductible Options53
Coverage for Hidden FeesCheck IconX Icon
Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding ActivitiesCheck IconX Icon
Dental Illness Coverage IncludedCheck IconX Icon
Direct Pay From Checking/Savings AccountCheck IconX Icon
No Claim Form Required When Submitting Through Online AccountCheck IconX Icon

7 Reasons to Consider Embrace over Petco Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs Petco Pet Insurance

1. Petco Pet Insurance has Itemized Limitations for Wellness Plans

Petco Pet Insurance has itemized limitations for their wellness plans. If you don’t use the funds in their set categories, then you lose them. Embrace promotes, rewards, and encourages healthy pets by offering Wellness Rewards, an optional non-insurance product that reimburses for everyday veterinary, grooming, and training costs with no itemized limits.

2. Embrace Offers More Deductible Options that Work with Your Budget

Petco Pet Insurance only offers $100, $250, and $500 deductible options, which can be limiting when it comes to finding the most affordable plan. Embrace offers deductible options as high as $1,000 so you can find the perfect plan for you and your furry friend.

3. Medical Waste Fees are Covered with Embrace

Petco Pet Insurance does not include medical waste fees in their coverage. This charge usually isn’t a very significant piece of the vet bill, but it can add up if pets are seen weekly or monthly. Embrace includes this coverage in our policy at no extra cost.

4. Embrace Covers Working, Racing, & Guarding Activities

Petco Pet Insurance doesn’t cover injury or illness a pet sustains while racing, working with law enforcement, or guarding. As long as you let us know your pet is involved in any of these activities at the start of your plan, or when your pet becomes involved, Embrace will cover them.

5. Petco Pet Insurance Doesn't Include Dental Illness Coverage

Petco Pet Insurance does not cover dental illnesses in their policy; it must be added at an additional cost. Plus, the dental rider doesn't cover caps, crowns, crown amputations, fillings, or root canals. Embrace covers dental illnesses under our accident and illness insurance policy up to $1,000 per policy year.

6. Embrace Offers More Payment Options

Petco Pet Insurance only accepts credit or debit cards, which limits how the premium can be paid. Embrace accepts payment via credit card, debit card, and directly from your checking or savings account.

7. Embrace Pet Insurance Doesn’t Require a Claim Form When You Submit Through MyEmbrace

When you submit a claim through MyEmbrace, Embrace doesn’t require a claim form – you simply fill in the questions online and send pictures of the invoice.