Compare Embrace to ManyPets Pet Insurance

ManyPets may not offer as “many” benefits and advantages as Embrace Pet Insurance. When comparing the two pet insurance providers consider that Embrace offers a multi-pet discount, a 24/7 pet health line, and is available in all 50 states and Washington, DC. ManyPets doesn’t offer a multi-pet discount or a pet health line, and is currently only available in 18 states. ManyPets also doesn’t offer behavioral coverage, the cost of microchipping, or parasite coverage — three more important reasons to seriously consider Embrace as your pet insurance provider.

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Embrace Pet Insurance Compared to ManyPets Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs ManyPets Pet Insurance. Below we break down some of the key plan features of Embrace Pet Insurance and ManyPets Pet Insurance from waiting periods to flexible wellness plans.


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Plan featuresManyPets
Hip dysplasia coverage on all Accident & Illness policiesCheck IconX Icon
Grooming & RX Food Covered with Optional Wellness PlanCheck IconX Icon
Hip Dysplasia Coverage on All Accident & Illness PoliciesCheck IconX Icon
Flexible wellness planCheck IconPer-item Limits
Covers Internal & External ParasitesCheck IconX Icon
Multiple Pet DiscountCheck IconX Icon
24/7 pet telehealthCheck IconX Icon
Available in all 50 StatesCheck IconX Icon

10 Reasons to Consider Embrace over ManyPets Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance vs ManyPets Insurance

1. ManyPets Doesn’t Offer Behavioral Coverage

Embrace covers behavioral therapy and training when it’s administered by a veterinarian for a covered condition. In addition, Embrace covers complementary treatments for covered conditions including chiropractic care, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, physiotherapy, and more.

2. ManyPets is Only Available in 18 States

ManyPets Pet Insurance is currently only available in 18 states. If a ManyPets pet parent moves to a state that doesn’t offer ManyPets insurance yet, they’ll be without a pet insurance plan, which can mean pre-existing conditions with another provider or no coverage if something happens. That won’t happen with Embrace, which is offered in all 50 states and Washington, DC.

3. ManyPets Doesn’t Cover Rx Food.

With Embrace’s Wellness Rewards preventative care plan – a non-insurance wellness plan that can be purchased in addition to your policy – your pet’s prescription diet food and nutritional supplements are covered.

4. ManyPets Only Covers Hip Dysplasia in Pets Six Years or Younger on the Policy Effective Date.

ManyPets Pet Insurance doesn’t cover hip dysplasia in pets older than six years of age at enrollment. That means if you rescue a senior pet or enroll your dog later in life, they won’t be covered for this condition. Embrace covers this condition on all accident and illness policies no matter the age of the pet at enrollment, as long as it isn’t pre-existing.

5. Embrace Has a More Flexible Preventative Care Plan

Wellness Rewards, Embrace’s preventative care plan, isn’t insurance. It’s an optional flexible plan to help you budget for preventative and routine care including grooming, nail trims, spay/neuter surgery, dental cleanings, and more. With the ManyPets preventative care plan, policyholders are limited to spending up to $150 per year within four different bucket categories. Embrace offers more freedom with a total fixed amount to use at your discretion on approved preventative purchases, allowing you to manage your own budget.

6. ManyPets Has a Limited Vaccine-preventable Illness Coverage.

Embrace offers a flexibile non-insurance preventative care plan, Wellness Rewards, that can be purchased in addition to your pet insurance policy. It helps with the costs of vaccines and titers, as well as yearly exams and checkups.

7. ManyPets Doesn’t Cover the Costs of Microchipping.

As part of Embrace’s Wellness Rewards preventative care program, the cost for microchipping is reimbursable along with other important products, procedures, and treatments like wearable pet activity monitors, training, routine chiropractic care, and massage therapy. Wellness Rewards is a non-insurance wellness plan that can be purchased in addition to your policy.

8. ManyPets Doesn’t Offer Parasite Coverage.

Embrace covers preventable conditions like Lyme disease, parasites, parvo, and other illnesses that may have been prevented are still covered. In addition, Embrace’s Wellness Rewards, a flexible non-insurance preventative care plan that you can purchase in addition to your pet insurance policy, also helps with heartworm, flea, & tick preventatives, as well as vaccines.

9. Embrace Offers a Multi-Pet Discount. ManyPets Does Not.

Embrace offers a 10% multiple pet discount for policies with two or more pets. If you love having more than one pet, you’ll love having more savings. And, the discount is added automatically, so there’s nothing extra you need to do.

10. Embrace Offers a 24/7 Pet Health Line. ManyPets Does Not.

Embrace’s PawSupport pet health line gives you access to Pet Pros who can offer you around-the-clock decision support about your pet’s health. Access to PawSupport is included in every Embrace policy at no additional charge.