Embrace Pet Insurance Announces the Pawthlete Showdown Video Contest Ahead of 2023 NFL Season

$3,500 in Prizes Up for Grabs for Top Paw MVPs and Top Benchwarmers

CLEVELAND, Aug. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Is your pet a superstar wide receiver, reigning champion of the agility course, or a wizard on the wakeboard? Or perhaps, despite their best efforts, more of a renowned couch surfer or fumbling feline? Either way, your pet could win $1000! Embrace Pet Insurance, a top-rated pet health insurance provider for dogs and cats in the United States, and Official Pet Insurer of the Cleveland Browns, has announced their first-ever Embrace Pawthlete Showdown. The contest seeks to identify the Top Paw MVP and Top Benchwarmer ahead of the 2023 NFL season.

The competition will run from August 15 to August 29, inviting pet owners to showcase their furry friends' captivating athletic talents or uncoordinated fumbles. Pet parents can enter their pet via video submission in one of two categories:

In the Top Paw MVP category, participants are encouraged to submit a video that highlights their pet's exceptional athleticism or remarkable feats. Whether it's an impressive jump, agile catch of the frisbee, or maybe even an achievement of record-breaking speed, Embrace wants to see their extraordinary and athletic talents.

The Top Benchwarmer category celebrates a pet's endearing qualities that make them special in their own unique way. Participants in this category should submit a video that showcases their pet's lack of athleticism or talent and instead highlights their silly, uncoordinated and heartwarming qualities.

"Pets are the champions of our hearts, bringing boundless joy and unconditional love to our lives," said Brian Macias, President of Embrace Pet Insurance. "The Embrace Pawthlete Showdown is a platform to not only honor their greatness, but also mark the beginning of our partnership with the Cleveland Browns. Together, let's celebrate the extraordinary spirit of our furry companions."

There will be three winners per category for this year's competition:

  • First-place winners will receive



  • Second-place winners will receive



  • Third-place winners will receive



To determine the winners, the public will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite entries directly on the submission platform. Voting will be open from August 30 to September 6.

Winners will be announced September 12.

Embrace encourages participants to share their entries with family, friends and fellow pet lovers on their social media platforms and tell them to cast their vote to increase their chance of winning. Make sure to use the hashtag #EmbracePawthleteShowdown. Pawthlete Showdown's winning entries will be featured on Embrace's social media platforms.

Is your pet ready to unleash their true potential and compete for a chance to win big? Visit Embrace Pawthlete Showdown to submit your video between August 15 and August 29 and continue to share your pet's talents on social media. 

For more information about Embrace Pet Insurance, visit embracepetinsurance.com.

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