Embrace Pet Insurance Reveals How Your Pet Might Be Saying "I Love You" This Valentine's Day

Leading Pet Insurer Shares Common Ways Dogs and Cats Show their Affection to Humans

Embrace Pet Insurance Valentines Day

CLEVELAND, Jan. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Love is on the brain as we prepare for Valentine's Day, and pet owners may be wondering, "How do I know if my pet loves me?" Dr. Jacqueline Brister, veterinarian and consultant at Embrace Pet Insurance, a consistently top-rated pet health insurance provider for dogs and cats in the US, is sharing the answer.

"Love is a pretty complex emotion. Many theorize that dogs and cats can experience feelings and emotions that are similar to people, but probably with less complexity and depth," explains Dr. Brister. "While we can't prove that dogs and cats love us, they show their affection in many ways, which at the very least, tells us they accept us as part of their social circle and family."

How Dogs Show Affection

Dogs are affectionate creatures. Below are some common ways that dogs might be saying "I love you" to their humans:

  • Greeting:

    Dogs commonly express their excitement by wagging their tails, vocalizing and hopping around when seeing their owners.

  • Wagging tail:

    When a dog is relaxed or excited, a wagging tail is usually a sign of affection.

  • Spending time with pet owners:

    Dogs tend to prefer company, so if they consider a person a part of their social group or family, they will seek the person out for quality time.

How Cats Show Affection

Cats don't always show affection and appreciation the way people are accustomed to seeing it. Instead of a wagging tail or bringing a toy for their companion to throw, a cat is more likely to do the following to show their affection:

  • Rubbing and headbutting:

    Using a scent gland on their cheek, cats mark the person and communicate that the person is part of their family.

  • Purring:

    This indicates the cat is comfortable enough with someone to relax.

  • Showing their belly:

    This action shows the cat feels safe from threats and considers the person a safe companion.

  • Relaxed eyes:

    Slow blinking, squinting and peaceful expressions indicate the cat is relaxed and enjoying the company.

  • Swishy or curled tail:

    If a cat's tail is twitching or fluffed up, they may be anxious. A tail that is swishing softly or curled around a person's leg means the cat is feeling friendly and affectionate.

Pet-Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts to Give

Now you know how your pet shows affection… so you might be wondering, "How can I show my pet how much I love them?"

  • Play:

    Playtime is an excellent way of showing love for a pet. Owners should take time to determine the sort of games a cat or dog enjoys.

  • Pet-safe gifts:

    • Don't give pets chew toys that might cause them to choke.

    • Avoid gifts that have long strings or a lot of stuffing. Pets can be destructive with their toys and might chew pieces up and swallow them.

    • Treats should be formulated for pets with a reputable company. Avoid giving them "people food."

     Make sure any gifts you purchase are pet-safe.

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