Embrace Pet Insurance Reveals 2020 Top Cat and Dog Names

Cleveland, Oh.,December 16, 2020 -- This year was anything but typical. Embrace Pet Insurance has released its 2020 top dog and cat names list according to data collected from more than one million pet insurance quotes. While traditional names still reign supreme, some pet parents took a more unique route - paying homage to the pandemic that brought them their new friend, memorializing a public figure or celebrating memorable pop culture moments.

Top Ten Dog Names of 2020

Top Ten Cat Names of 2020

"Regardless of your pet's name or how it originated, we appreciate pet parents trusting us when it comes to protecting their pets from accident and illness," says Brian Macias, President of Embrace Pet Insurance, "We were proud to be here for Embraced pets and their people through the ups and downs of 2020 and cannot wait to see what's in store in 2021".


2020's new pet parents were not afraid to name their animals after trending topics such as the COVID-19 pandemic, 2020 election and more.

Making the Most of The Pandemic

With more Americans staying home, lots of lucky pets found their forever homes in 2020. Over 80,000 pets were adopted and enrolled in an Embrace policy this year. Though these COVID-themed names didn't make our top ten, they did not go unnoticed. Some of the more popular monikers included Rona, COVID, Fauci, Corona, and Quarantina.

Remembering Those Who Made a Difference

Many pet parents chose to memorialize their favorite political figure or celebrity icons in 2020. Kobe Bryant fans honored him with a whopping 186 pets bearing his name - and an additional 13 named "Mamba."

As for the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg, many honored the judge with names like Ruth Bader Ginsbark and Ruthie Bacon Ginsburg.

Pet owner Garrett shared with Embrace why she chose the name Ruth Bader Ginspurg for her cat. "She was black, like a judge's robe, with this poof of white fur under her chin, just like one of the real RBG's famous collar. [She] graduated from law school with me, studied for and passed the bar with me, and now she practices law with me since COVID has me working from my home office."

2020 Election Names

Other pet parents wanted to dub their pets with more politically-empowering names following the 2020 election. These names included:

  • Trump - Yorkshire Terrier from Georgia

  • Kamala - Mixed-breed cat from Seattle

  • Biden - Mixed-breed dog from New Orleans

  • POTUS - Portuguese Water Dog from Baltimore

  • Meowchelle Obama - Sphynx cat from California

Funny, Punny, and Everything In-between

Sometimes you just know what you want to name your pet - with no rhyme or reason. As we provided insurance quotes and policies to pet parents across the country we saw many creative, unique names make their way into our system this year. A few of the wackiest names Embrace found amongst this year's pet quotes include:

  • Albus Dumbledog

  • Archibald Duke of Wellington V

  • Captain Panda Von Bowties

  • Edgar Allen Poliferous James O'brian Hart-Frazier

  • Frida Catlo

  • Frisky Business

  • Khloe Korgidashian

  • Lady Butterscotch First Duchess Of Carbahill

  • Rosie Meow Riveter

  • Reeces Puggercup

  • Sir Ernest Moewingway

  • Spicy Dorito Cool Ranch

  • Tacocat

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