Embrace Reveals Most Popular Game of Thrones Pet Names

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Cleveland, OH (March 21, 2019)- The beloved HBO series Game of Thrones is coming... back, for its eighth and final season. To celebrate the excitement this premiere is sure to bring, Embrace Pet Insurance compiled quoter data to find the most popular Game of Thrones pet names.

Most Popular Game of Thrones Names:

  1. Arya

  2. Khaleesi

  3. Drogo

  4. Tyrion

  5. Sansa

  6. Gilly

  7. Daenerys

  8. Cersei

  9. Hodor

  10. Rhaegar

While Arya and Khaleesi were the two most popular names for both dogs and cats, Drogo was a much more popular name for pups (the third most popular) and Tyrion was more popular for feline friends, coming in at number three as well. Jon Snow made the list for cats, while Hodor was a top name just for dogs. Of the most popular pet names, German Shepherds and Huskies were most commonly named Arya; Khaleesi was popular among Golden Retrievers, Great Danes, Huskies, Labrador Retrievers, Pitbulls, and French Bulldogs; and Drogo was a winner for Rottweilers.

There were no shortage of quirky Game of Thrones pet names either, including Tywin Puggister, Arya Bark, and Jorah Meowmont.

Similar to the hit TV show characters they were named after, these Game of Thrones named pets are no stranger to getting in a bit of trouble.

  • Tyrion the Dachshund landed himself in an emergency veterinary clinic for eating plastic

  • Bernese Mountain Dog, Khal Drogo, was diagnosed with multiple orthopedic problems at just 10 months old

  • Arya, the combat veteran service dog, tore her cruciate ligament playing with her canine friends at doggy daycare

Luckily, just as Jon Snow protects the North, they were all protected by Embrace Pet Insurance. In turn, their owners were able to move forward with their veterinarians' recommended course of treatment, without the added stress that the cost of veterinary bills can bring.

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