Certified Dog Trainer Laura Nativo Partners with Embrace

November 15, 2018 - Cleveland, OH - With the holidays just around the corner and loved ones coming to town, now is the time for pet parents to focus on training their dogs for introductions. In Safety FURst, a new video training series produced by Embrace Pet Insurance, celebrity dog mom and certified dog trainer Laura Nativo shares helpful training tips for introducing dogs to each other and to new people.

"While dogs are naturally social animals that are brilliant in their species-to-species communications, they don't always automatically get along with each other. It's important to take care of our dog's well-being when meeting new dogs and people alike," advises Nativo. She also notes that the key to a successful introduction is listening to your dog. "Be proactive with your dog by learning to read their body language, enrolling them in socialization classes, or hiring a positive reinforcement trainer to help your pet be less anxious about greetings," says Nativo. "It's important to recognize that dogs are individuals with their own personalities, and some are inherently less social than others."

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About Laura Nativo

Laura Nativo is a TV host, pet lifestyle expert, Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Karen Pryor Certified Training Partner, and proud dog mom. After appearing on the CBS reality series Greatest American Dog in 2008, Laura embarked on a mission to make the world a better place for pets, in honor of her Pomeranian sidekick, Preston. Ten years later, Laura remains more passionate than ever about the power of positive reinforcement training to better the human-canine bond. Laura served for four years as the resident pet expert "family member" on the Emmy-nominated lifestyle show Home and Family on Hallmark Channel. She hosted two seasons of Dog Park Superstars for the Game Show Network, and has appeared on countless news and talk shows, including The TODAY Show and Inside Edition. Laura is currently in the final stages of development for a new dog TV series that will air on a major cable network. Laura's three dogs, Preston Casanova (15), Penelope Supafly (8), and Delilah Jane Sassafras (4) all #embraced their work as professional actors, models, and their mom's demo dogs. Look for them starring in the feature films A Dog and Pony Show and The Puppy Swap. They are the inspiration for Laura's dedication to helping pet parents communicate with their four-legged best friends. Laura trains dogs all along the California coast, and is determined to make dog training easy, accessible, and fun for both ends of the leash.