Embrace Celebrates Its Third Anniversary

October 2009 - Beachwood, Ohio - As any veterinarian knows, it's the first few years of a clinic's operations that are the hardest. Embrace Pet Insurance knows firsthand that the same goes for early stage pet health insurance companies, which makes passing Embrace's 3rd anniversary this October all the more meaningful. Embrace has grown from its humble beginnings of 2 Wharton MBA students with an award-winning business plan, to a top-quality and highly rated pet health insurance company with thousands of four-legged customers and millions of dollars of premiums.

Now that Embrace Pet Insurance has three years under its collar, it is really seeing the momentum of its campaign to change the flighty image of pet health insurance. Laura Bennett, Co-Founder and Chief Embracer, says "I always joke that pet health insurance wasn't considered much above Alien Abduction Insurance in the past, but underneath it all, there's a kernel of truth to it; the lack of trust that pet parents have had in pet health insurance has been well earned over the years. Embrace has worked hard to change the perception and reality of pet insurance to one we are proud of being a part of and we see the overall level of confidence in pet insurance building significantly."

Embrace's appeal to pet parents is its comprehensive and flexible coverage partnered with a consistent and caring customer experience that provides exactly what Embraced pet parents expect in an unexpectedly personal manner. Likewise, veterinarians are seeing a product that does what they expect it to do - cover hereditary conditions and pay based on the actual vet bill, not a benefit schedule.

When Alex Krooglik, Embrace's Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer was asked to comment on Embrace's success over the last three years, he just pointed to Embrace's customer reviews saying "Don't ask to me, listen to our pet parents; they say it all." Julie Wade, an Embrace customer since 2008, says:

"When my 15 month old was diagnosed with luxating patella, I was shocked. When I had the consultation and got the bill, I was devastated. The doctor told me my insurance would more than likely not cover it. I did my footwork anyway, and Embrace kept me posted almost daily on what they needed from me, and what would be left to do. It brought me to tears when my puppy's surgery was authorized. I am eternally grateful for the financial load they lifted off my shoulders. That left me with the ability to focus on my pet. They even asked for pictures so they could see my puppies! I really felt like they cared about my puppy, and when surgery was done, I got an email with well wishes. They are top notch, and amazing."

Dr. Rex Riggs, a veterinarian, veterinary practice owner, and Board member of Embrace Pet Insurance, says "Ever since I became aware of Embrace Pet Insurance, I have really been impressed. Embrace has a great track record with customer service and paying claims and they are doing it through a different and more effective model then the other pet insurance companies. With the economy being what it is, I have seen people balk at procedures that they would not have questioned in the past. Clients that have pet insurance definitely will do more procedures and tend to follow recommended treatment plans. The clients then realize better lifetime health for their pets."

Embrace celebrates its progress over the last 3 years and looks forward to Embracing more and more pet parents and their pets over the coming year, while retaining the personal touch it has become famous for.


About Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace Pet Insurance Agency LLC is a specialist insurance agency headquartered in Beachwood, a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. Embrace was founded by Laura Bennett and Alex Krooglik, pet parents who also happen to be insurance experts, and offers self-serve, customizable pet health insurance for dogs, cats and goldfish. The Embrace culture is based on the core values of innovation and not taking oneself too seriously. On the web at Embrace Pet Insurance.

About the North American Pet Health Insurance Association

Embrace is a member of the North American Pet Health Insurance Association (NAPHIA). Founded in 2007, the North American Pet Health Insurance Association is committed to educating and promoting the values and benefits of quality pet health insurance to North American pet owners, the general public, and the veterinary community. As an association, it is committed to high standards and transparency in all of our actions and products. To learn more, visit www.naphia.org.