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Our love of pets and customer fixation earned us the top spot for pet insurance on the Forbes list of America’s Best Insurance Companies 2022.

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Insurance for Dogs and Puppies

There’s no dog like your dog. Personalize your policy to maximize the value of your dog’s coverage at a price you feel comfortable with.

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Insurance for Cats and Kittens

Your cat deserves the healthiest, happiest life (or nine) possible. Plans for cats start at under a dollar a day. No complex policies. No hassle.

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92% of Claims Paid in 2021

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No Networks, Visit Any Vet

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Get Up to 90% Back on Vet Bills

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Pet Parents Love Embrace

“Embrace covered EVERYTHING. The specialists, the ER visits, the MRI, the CSF tap, and the long-term prescription requirements. Our ‘just in case’ pet insurance became a financial godsend.”

Caitlin S. | Alexandria, VA

The Most Comprehensive Coverage When the Unexpected Happens

Providing you with peace of mind is our number one priority. When the unexpected becomes your reality, we’ll be there – every new accident and illness, every treatment plan, every step of the way. Below is an overview of everything you can expect to be covered.

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Illnesses & Conditions

From a tiny bout of tummy trouble to a more serious chronic condition, we cover any illness that isn’t pre-existing.

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Accidents & Injuries

Whether your furry friend breaks a bone or swallows something they shouldn’t, all your “ruh-roh” moments are covered.

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Dental Accidents & Illnesses

Smile – you’re covered. Our top-rated dental coverage includes tooth repair, extractions, and treatment up to $1,000 per policy year for disease and more.

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Vet Visit Fees

Whether it’s emergency care or a specialist appointment, we cover the fees for any vet visit related to illness or injury.

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Tests, Procedures, & Treatments

Big or small, rest assured that every last test, surgery, and remedy needed to diagnose and treat your pet is covered.

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All the Follow-Up Care

Prescriptions, pain management, and physical therapy are all covered, including both one-time needs and ongoing treatment.

A Routine Care Plan for the Expected, Everyday Stuff

We’re all about options. That’s why we offer Wellness Rewards,* a flexible non-insurance preventative care plan that you can purchase in addition to your pet insurance policy. It helps you budget for the expected, but sometimes costly, expenses that help your pet live their best life, like:

  • Yearly Exams & Checkups

  • Vaccines

  • Heartworm, Flea, & Tick Preventatives

  • Spay or Neuter Procedures

  • Training & Grooming

  • & Much More!

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Pet Obsessed & Customer Fixated. It’s in Our DNA.

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Top-Rated Claims Experience

Let’s be honest – the claim experience is the most important part of your pet insurance policy. We get it, so we made it as simple and efficient as possible.

  • Easy, fast claim submissions. Follow the simple steps via MyEmbrace or our mobile app. No claim forms needed.

  • Feel confident your claim will be approved. We’re proud to say that we covered 92% of claims in 2021.

  • A claims team who prioritizes customer care. Our claims team is made up of licensed veterinary professionals and fellow pet parents.

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Embraceable Praise

“I was very grateful to Embrace Pet Insurance.”

Boeing the Golden Retriever and his owner

Vet Bills: $2,643

Embrace Reimbursed: $2,378.52

“I knew that he would be covered, and filing the claims is hassle-free. We sent it in and we got our money back in a couple days.” Sheri H. | Edmond, OK

“Thank you Embrace!”

Salmon Poisoning Claim

Vet Bills: $15,374

Embrace Reimbursed: $12,023.83

“I knew that I wanted to support Madison’s fight, and that Embrace was there to give me the financial capability to do it. Having Embrace meant that I could say, We're going until Madison is done. As long as he’s fighting, we're fighting.” Cristina K. | South Lake Tahoe, CA

“I could have been in major trouble had I not had Embrace.”

Ghaal the Domestic Shorthair cat with his owner

Vet Bills: $4,369

Embrace Reimbursed: $3,187.10

“I cannot thank Embrace enough! Embrace took care of my claims in a timely manner, and they did everything they said they would.” Carla | Los Osos, CA

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*Wellness Rewards is offered as a supplementary, non-insurance benefit administered by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency in the United States. © 2022 American Modern Insurance Group, Inc.