Compare Embrace to Healthy Paws

Understanding the detailed differences between companies is key to becoming a pet insurance expert. We've prepared a list below of the most important comparison points between Embrace and Healthy Paws. While the two companies may look similar at a glance, there are some important details to consider before investing your time, money and trust.

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  Reimbursement Method deductible
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$25 sign-up fee

Reimbursement for Veterinary Exam Fees

Healthy Paws does not reimburse you for veterinary exam fees, which leaves a large gap in coverage. Office visit and exam fees are a major part of your veterinary bill. Exam fees at specialty and emergency hospitals can often cost $100 or more. Not having coverage for office visits is like having an extra deductible each time you go to the veterinarian.

Continuing Care

Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or allergies can require care year after year. Healthy Paws pet insurance provides unlimited lifetime health coverage, however, hip dysplasia is not covered in pets that are 6 years or older at the time of enrollment. An Embrace policy places no extra limits on continuing care. You have your entire annual maximum to spend each year however the needs of your pet arise.

Wellness & Routine Care Coverage

Healthy Paws currently does not offer routine care coverage. Embrace offers Wellness Rewards, a standalone routine care product to help you pay for regular visits to your veterinarian. You can spend an annual allowance of $250, $450, or $650 however you see fit. If your vet charges $100 for a puppy wellness visit, that's how much Embrace will reimburse. Choose a company that promotes, rewards and encourages healthy pets.

Reimbursement Method

Healthy Paws calculates claims differently than Embrace, subtracting the co-pay off the claimed amount first and then subtracting the deductible, which leads to 7-10% lower reimbursement for claims under $1000. Embrace calculates claim reimbursements by first subtracting the deductible and then taking off the co-pay. If you have a $700 incident and a $200 deductible, Healthy Paws' method will cost you $40 more out of pocket. You'll get more money back with Embrace's method of reimbursement.

Behavioral Care Coverage

Healthy Paws has no coverage options for behavioral care. Here at Embrace we provide comprehensive coverage for your pet's medical expenses. When it comes to treatment we want you to be able to consider any and all options presented by your veterinarian, which is why we cover behavioral care standard with no extra restrictions on reimbursement.

Behavior issues are common in pets and are often difficult to handle. With Healthy Paws, no medications or treatment options for behavior troubles will be considered for coverage. Embrace can cover behavioral medications as well as behavioral consults done by a veterinarian.

Extra Fees

Don't be nickel and dimed with extra, hidden fees. Healthy Paws charges you $25 just to sign up. Embrace prides itself on having no sign-up fees, no annual fees and no monthly payment fees.

This comparison of Healthy Paws pet insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency and was last updated in October 2013. If you have questions about Healthy Paws' plans, prices, or coverage we encourage you to contact a representative of Healthy Paws.