Compare Embrace to Pets Best

Becoming a pet insurance expert means understanding the detailed differences between companies. To help you, we've prepared a list of a few important comparison points between Embrace vs Pets Best. Both companies reimburse a straight percentage of the vet bill, but we wanted to share some other information that could impact your out of pocket costs when you go to make a claim.

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  Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage Icon Icon
only in 48 states
  Alternative Therapy Coverage Icon Icon
only acupuncture & chiropractic approved
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  Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Icon
flexible plans with
no per-item limits
per-item limitations
  Independent Customer Rating 9.2/10 8.7/10  

Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage

Many companies leave you exposed with no coverage for genetic conditions. Pets Best's hereditary and congenital coverage is only offered in 48 states and Washington D.C. and there are seven conditions, such as hip dysplasia and luxating patellas, that require one-year waiting periods before coverage begins.

Hereditary and breed-specific conditions can lie dormant for years and when they do show signs it can cost thousands of dollars to treat them. Embrace offers full coverage for these conditions in all 50 states.

Alternative Therapies

Why limit your options when it comes to doing what's best for your pet? Pets Best offers only two choices for alternative therapy: acupuncture & chiropractic services, and limits reimbursements from $350 to $1,000 per year depending on which plan you choose. Embrace cover alternative therapies and rehabilitation standard with every policy.

Alternative therapies are often used to help treat cancer, skin issues, epilepsy, and more. Our coverage allows you to use several methods of treatment your vet might suggest including acupuncture, chiropractic care, hydrotherapy, veterinary orthopedic massage, holistic and homeopathic medicine, and more.

Extra Fees

Don't be nickel and dimed with extra fees. Pets Best charges a $2 transaction fee each month if you pay for your plan monthly. Over the course of the year that's like paying an extra month of premium. Embrace prides itself on having no annual fees and no monthly payment fees.

Wellness & Routine Care

Pets Best puts limits on how much they will reimburse you for certain routine care items. Embrace's Wellness Rewards is a stand-alone product to help pay for your pet's routine care. You can spend an annual allowance of $250, $450, or $650 however you see fit. If a wellness exam plus heartworm medication totals $190, that's how much you'd get back with Embrace. With Pets Best you'd only get $75 back. View our routine care comparison.

Independent Customer Rating

Want to know why Embrace is consistently rated one of the best pet insurance companies in America? See what pet parents really think about Embrace at Reviews are completed by actual pet insurance users and Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10. Why settle for less?

This comparison of Pets Best insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by EPI Agency LLC. If you have questions about Pets Best plans, prices, or coverage we encourage you to contact a representative of Pets Best.