Compare Embrace to ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

When it comes to being a pet insurance expert, the difference is in the details. To help you, we've prepared a list of the most important comparison points between Embrace and ASPCA Pet Health Insurance. We understand purchasing pet insurance is an investment in time and money.

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  Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage Icon Icon
limited per incident
  Continuing Care Coverage Icon Icon
limited per incident
Alternative Therapy Coverage
max payout of $300/yr
(with level 4 plan)
  Wellness & Routine Care Coverage Icon Icon
per-item limitations
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Per-Incident Limitations

Per-incident limits restrict the overall amount you can be reimbursed for a specific accident or illness. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance has per-incident limits, while Embrace only limits you per year. Most Embrace policies purchased include a $10,000 annual limit. ASPCA per-incident limits are set between $2,500 and $7,000 depending on what level plan you choose.

Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage

Hereditary and genetic conditions can lie dormant for years and when they do show signs they can cost thousands of dollars to treat. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance places per-incident & lifetime limits by plan: level 2 offers no genetic coverage, level 3 has a $500 incident max/$1,250 lifetime max, and level 4 has a $1,000 incident max/$2,500 lifetime max. Embrace covers genetic conditions that your pet may be prone to, such as hip dysplasia, in full up to your chosen annual maximum.

Continuing Care

There's more to pet insurance than just your premium. When purchasing a policy you have to ask yourself if you're protected for the long term. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or allergies can require care year after year.

With ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, continuing care is maxed out per incident and for each pet's lifetime depending on the plan level you choose. For example, their level 3 plan has a $1,500 max per incident, and caps lifetime payout at $3,500. If your pet requires ongoing care like Tey-Tey did, you may find yourself exceeding these limits. An Embrace policy places no extra limits on continuing care. You have your entire annual maximum to spend each year however the needs of your pet arise.

Alternative Therapies

ASPCA Pet Health Insurance limits reimbursement on alternative therapies by plan: level 2 offers no coverage, level 3 provides up to $150/yr, and level 4 provides up to $300/yr. Embrace policies cover alternative therapies and rehabilitation standard with no extra restrictions on reimbursement. Embrace covers treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, homeopathic, holistic, and more.

Wellness & Routine Care Coverage

ASPCA places a cap on wellness based on Usual, Customary, & Reasonable costs. Embrace's Wellness Rewards is a stand-alone routine care product to help pay for regular veterinary visits. If your vet charges $100 for a puppy wellness visit, that's how much Embrace will reimburse. View our routine care comparison.

Independent Customer Rating

Want to know why Embrace is consistently rated one of the best pet insurance companies in America? See what pet parents really think about Embrace at Reviews are completed by actual pet insurance users and Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10. We also suggest additional sources for pet insurance reviews.

This comparison of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by EPI Agency LLC. For the most current view of plans, prices, or coverage in your state we encourage you to contact a representative of ASPCA Pet Health Insurance directly. If we do not have the most up to date information please contact us.