Banfield Pet Insurance

Banfield has over 800 pet hospitals across the United States located in Petsmart stores and thousands of Banfield customers have Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans. But it's important to understand that there is (currently) no such thing as Banfield pet insurance.

Once you understand the differences between a pet insurance policy and a Banfield wellness plan, you may want to do a comparsion to find the best pet insurance company for you.

Banfield vs Pet Insurance

Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are sometimes referred to as Petsmart Pet Insurance. In reality, Banfield Optimum Wellness Plans are contracts that give you a pre-determined number of vaccinations, office visits, diagnostic tests, and more, but they do not reimburse you for the unexpected, costly accidents and illnesses your pet can run into. Furthermore, you cannot use your Banfield plan at a non-Banfield veterinary hospital.

True pet insurance plans can be used at any veterinary hospital and they do cover unexpected accidents and illnesses.

To make it easier to understand, we've summarized the key differences between Banfield Optimum Wellness and Embrace Pet Insurance.

corner-left   Embrace Banfield Wellness Plan corner-right
  Use any veterinary hospital Icon Icon  
  Reimburses for accidents & illnesses Icon Icon  
  Reimburses for ER visits
Icon Icon  
  Includes preventative care
Optional Wellness Rewards
  Unlimited office visits at Banfield
Icon Icon  
  Discounts on other services at Banfield Icon Icon  
  Pay upfront for services Icon Icon  
  Plan cost varies with pet breed & age
(insurance only)
  One-time Membership fee Icon Icon  
  Typical Monthly Cost $20.00 to $50.00
(insurance only)
$18.95 to $37.95  

An Example

Let's say your dog started vomiting at 3am and you rushed him to a non-Banfield hospital. One of the first things your veterinarian might do is take X-rays to rule out an intestinal obstruction from swallowing something.

If it turns out that your dog did swallow something then a visit like this can easily cost $1,500 to $2,000. A pet insurance plan would reimburse you around 80% or 90% of the cost after your deductible. You can read a few of our sample claims stories to get a feel for how much modern veterinary treatment can cost and how a personalized pet insurance policy with Embrace can help you pay for it.

A Banfield plan would not help you financially in this situation and wouldn't reimburse you because the pet was not seen at a Banfield hospital.

Embrace Pet Insurance Helps Pay for Wellness Too

Some pet insurance plans offer additional wellness or routine care products. These are usually optional and purchased along with your pet insurance plan. Wellness products reimburse you for vaccinations, office visits, preventative care, and more.

Embrace Wellness Rewards offers flexible routine care reimbursement through an annual allowance that you can spend on things such as office visits, vaccinations, and lab tests. More importantly, with Wellness Rewards you can use any licensed veterinarian.

corner-left   Embrace Wellness Rewards Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan corner-right
  Office visits Icon Icon  
  Vaccinations Icon Icon  
  Heartworm test Icon Icon  
  Basic blood test
Icon Icon  
Icon Icon  
  Urinalysis Icon Icon  
  Deductible or co-pay Icon Icon  
  Supplements & nutraceuticals Icon Icon  
  Behavioral or training issues Icon Icon  
  Use at any veterinary hospital Icon Icon  
  Monthly cost $18 to $46.95
$18.95 to $37.95  

Choosing the Right Plan

The good news is you can use pet insurance and your Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan together. If you already have a Banfield plan then you can purchase pet insurance along with it to cover the unexpected, expensive things such as accidents, illnesses, and emergency visits.

If you already have pet insurance, you should feel comfortable knowing that a Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan will cover your pet's regular care (only at Banfield hospitals) and your pet insurance can be used anywhere, including your Banfield vet.

Do the Right Thing for Your Pet

No matter what you choose to do, help protect your pet with pet insurance for the unexpected and keep him healthy with a good wellness plan from Banfield, your pet insurance company, or your local veterinary hospital.

This comparison was wholly prepared by EPI Agency LLC. Banfield Optimum Wellness Plan is a registered trademark of Banfield. To learn more about Banfield Wellness Plans, you can call them at 1-866-277-PETS (1-866-277-7387).