Bald spot at vaccination site on a dog

We recently had a question on the Embrace Facebook page about  a bald spot on a dog:

Q: It turns out that a tiny bald spot on my daughter's dog is likely a result of the rabies vaccine. She may or may not grow her hair back. The vet doesn't think she should get rabies vaccines again. Anybody know how to regrow hair or anybody have a dog regrow hair after this happened to them?

Since I'm not a veterinarian, I turned to Dr Rex Riggs, one of our veterinary advisors, for help with this question.

A: Rarely you can get a small area of alopecia in the area of where the rabies vaccine was given. You don't need to treat them, as they are just cosmetic. Sometimes if persistent, I will use some tacrolimus ointment. This is not a reason to stop rabies vaccine. This is purely cosmetic.

Have you noticed balding at vaccination sites on your dogs? Did the hair grow back again?

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