Coverage for Chronic Conditions

Our plan covers chronic conditions. Chronic conditions last more than one policy year and include illnesses such as asthma and pancreatitis.

What Is A Chronic Condition?

Chronic conditions persist or last for several months (often for years). They generally cannot be prevented by vaccines or cured by medication, nor do they just disappear.

Note: Chronic condition coverage only applies to chronic conditions that occur after you enroll and your pet is past their waiting period.

What are some common examples of Chronic Conditions?

Chronic conditions affecting our pets are generally the same conditions that can affect us.

Common in cats & dogs:

More common in dogs:

More common in cats:

Do I need to pay extra for Chronic Condition Coverage?

No, it is included with your policy automatically. We highlight it because it's an important part of pet health insurance coverage. Policies that cover chronic conditions give your pet the broadest protection available against long-term conditions, which is what having insurance is all about.