• Choosing the Right Vet Clinic

    We all want what's best for our pets. That's why you want a veterinarian who will treat them like family and provide top-notch, high-quality care. Search above for animal hospitals and veterinary services in your area. Provided information includes contact information, website, Facebook page, services offered, and more.

  • Specialty Veterinary Clinics

    The majority of vet clinics offer general pet care services, but did you know that there are specialty vet clinics for things like dermatology (skin), oncology (cancer), ophthalmology (eyes), cardiology (heart), and more? If your dog or cat is dealing with a condition that could require specialty care, it might be worth researching veterinary specialists in your area.

  • In Case of Emergency

    Do you know where to go if your dog or cat needs emergency veterinary care? Use the Embrace Vet Locator to find an emergency veterinarian in your area. Look for the green check mark under Emergency next to the hospital name. It doesn't hurt to be prepared for any pet health issue!

  • AAHA Accreditation

    The American Animal Hospital Association offers accreditation for practices that pass an over 900 standard evaluation, confirming that they operate with the highest level of pet health care. Veterinarians can choose to apply for this accreditation, it's not a requirement, so think of it as an added bonus.

  • Does Low Cost Mean Low Quality?

    Low-cost spay and neuter clinics offer affordable surgeries, but that doesn't mean the pet care is sub-par. 

  • Browse Vet Hospitals By State

    Pet owners, take a peek at animal hospitals organized by city and state for your convenience.

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