• Filing a Claim

    Don't forget to print your claim form and take it with you when you go to the vet. Then follow these simple steps to get your paperwork completed and submitted. We'll take it from there.

    Claims Process
  • Medical History Review

    Worried about pre-existing conditions? The Embrace Claims Team will review your pet’s medical records and let you know what, if anything, is considered pre-existing and for how long.

    Review Process
  • Tracking Your Claim

    Your customer portal, MyEmbrace, makes it easy to follow claims from submission to completion. 

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  • Pre-certification

    Know what's covered before you claim. Complete a pre-certification to find out if your claim would be covered and how much you'd get back.

    Pre-Cert Process
  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Looking for more information on how you'll be reimbursed? Confused about how your deductible works? Visit the claims FAQ section for answers to those questions and more.

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