About Embrace

Embrace Pet Insurance is an online insurance agency, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, specializing in pet health insurance for cats and dogs in the United States.

We have a friendly staff of pet insurance experts with one of the highest customer satisfaction scores in the industry.

Embrace Affiliate Program Statistics

  • Referral base fee of $4.00 for each complete qualified lead
  • Wide array of text and graphic banners
  • Payouts monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Embrace?

We believe that expensive veterinary bills should never stand in the way of getting the best care for your pet. Embrace is proud to offer total protection with our nose-to-tail accident and illness insurance coverage and a flexible Wellness Rewards plan for routine care. We provide up to 90% back on bills using any vet with dependable claims payments and personalized plans that make caring for your pet easy and affordable.

What is considered a complete “qualified lead?”

A qualified lead is defined as a user who successfully navigates to Page 3 of the quote engine (Contact Information), after choosing their selected plan. They do not need to purchase the policy to be considered a qualified lead.

How are qualified leads tracked and paid?

We pay you for qualified leads each month by using your unique tracking link to measure how many qualified leads are referred from your site.

How do I promote Embrace Pet Insurance?

We provide you with unique tracking links, banners, and content to help you promote Embrace Pet Insurance on your website.

How will being an affiliate with Embrace Pet Insurance benefit me?

You’ll be helping to educate pet parents about pet insurance and see the value of Embrace as their provider while getting paid per qualified lead.

Are there any other ways to promote Embrace Pet Insurance and receive a referral fee?

At this time, they only way that Embrace Pet Insurance can give you a referral fee is if a qualified lead is referred via your personalized referral link.

How to Apply

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