What Embrace Doesn't Cover

Sadly every pet insurance plan has exclusions and your Embrace plan is no exception. Fortunately most of these exclusions affect only a small number of pet parents.

Here's a summary of what's not covered by our pet insurance:

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Breeding, whelping, and pregnancy
  • Injury caused deliberately by you or any other person or pet residing in your home
  • Injury or illness resulting from fighting, racing, cruelty, or neglect
  • Cosmetic procedures such as tail docking, ear cropping, and dew claw removal (although covered when medically necessary)
  • DNA testing or cloning
  • Organ transplants
  • Stem cell therapy not deemed medically necessary
  • Avian Flu or Nuclear War
  • Treatment for an illness related to the teeth and/or gums (We offer help paying for teeth cleanings or dental illness with Wellness Rewards)

For a complete list of exclusions see the Embrace terms and conditions.