Embrace Rx Drug Coverage

What does it cover?

Prescription drugs for pets can be expensive. If your pet suffers an allergic reaction or has a chronic condition that requires ongoing care the costs of take-home drugs can quickly add up.

Prescription drug coverage is an optional add-on to all of our pet insurance policies. It covers:

  • Take-home drugs such as antibiotics, allergy meds, insulin & supplies, and eye & ear drops. Drugs will be prescribed with a vet visit about 80% of the time, costing $15 to $200 on average. We've seen prescription drug claims as high as $900.

Our RX coverage applies toward prescription medications for treating covered accidents and illnesses. It does not include coverage for heartworm medication or prescription diet food. We help you budget for those items with our Wellness Rewards.

Claim examples with Rx drug costs from our policyholders:

  • Allergy meds for Maximus, a young English Bulldog: $798.71 for Rx drugs (spans 4 vet visits in 1 month)
  • Vomiting & pneumonia in an English Bulldog: $562.40 for Rx drugs
  • Bugsy's Cruciate ligament tear: $139.11 for Rx drugs
  • Koa's Cherry Eye claim: $79.81 for Rx drugs
  • Lucy, a Poodle, comes down with Gastric torsion: $30.75 for Rx drugs

Is there a deductible?

Yes, your prescription drug costs count toward your annual deductible, allowing you to reach your deductible sooner.