Catastrophic Pet Insurance

You might have heard the terms "major medical" or "catastrophic" applied to health insurance for people. These terms refer to insurance that has a high deductible and therefore a lower premium. Now you can get catastrophic pet insurance.

Why Get Catastrophic Pet Insurance?

Catastrophic pet insurance is for pet parents looking to protect against major, catastrophic events, things that could really take a bite out of your savings or credit cards.

Examples of Catastrophic Events from Our Policyholders:

  • $13,137 in vet bills when Heimdall caught Bacterial Pneumonia
  • $7,981 in vet bills when Maggie got Cancer
  • $6,685 in vet bills after Tink was diagnosed with GME (Granulomatous Meningoencephalitis)
  • $6,179 in vet bills when Twinkie had Lymphadenopathy (metabolic disorder)
  • $5,157 in vet bills after Fletcher was trapped in a car engine

How Much Does Catastrophic Pet Insurance Cost?

Catastrophic or major medical pet insurance by Embrace is one of the few pet insurance policies that has a high deductible ($500 or $1000) and offers you up to $15,000 in coverage per year with no per-incident limits. This means that you pay a much lower monthly premium.

How much lower? A $1000 deductible lowers your premium by 54% from $500. A $500 deductible is about 33% lower than the same policy with a $200 deductible and 50% lower than with a $100 deductible.

Is Catastrophic Pet Insurance Right For Me?

Embrace's catastrophic pet insurance is ideal for pet parents who have a small amount saved up to cover the higher deductible. By paying just a little more of the veterinary bill in the first place with the higher deductible, your pet insurance can do its job more effectively when the large bills come in.

The downside to major medical pet insurance is that you won't be reimbursed until you hit your deductible each year.