Pet Insurance Has Changed

We speak with countless veterinary hospitals daily and we've heard more than a few complaints about the pet insurance industry as a whole:

  • Clients don't get much money back
  • Pet insurance doesn't cover much
  • Insurance companies won't pay claims

We hear what you're saying. In fact, we've worked hard to create a plan that won't let you or your clients down. Take a look at what our pet insurance plans cover, and review claims we've paid.

What's Different?

In the early days of pet insurance, there weren't many types of pet insurance plans available, it was mostly just VPI. Since then a wave of new companies have come along, bringing new options to insure our four-legged family members.

Many of the newer plans, including Embrace:

  • Do not use benefit schedules that cap claim refunds
  • Do cover breed-specific conditions such as hip dysplasia
  • Do have a greater focus on customer service

Compare Plans

See how Embrace stacks up against top competitors:

We encourage you to contact us today for more information and free lunch. You can learn a lot more by scheduling a webinar.

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