Pet Insurance Reviews

Seeking out multiple sources of information is essential to any major purchase. To help you decide where to place your trust in insuring your dog or cat we've compiled data from top third-party sources.

We've taken 3 of the top sources for pet insurance reviews of the best rated companies and combined them to measure overall customer satisfaction across the internet. To make it easier to compare we used the grade school standard A-F grading system.

Review Site Embrace ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Healthy Paws Petplan Pets Best Trupanion VPI/

  BBB A+ A+ A B+ A+ A+ A+  
  Pet Insurance Review A- C+ A+ A- B A- C  
  Yelp* B C A C C- C- D+  
  Overall Grade A- B A B B B B-  
Based on reviews as of January 7th, 2014. *Yelp scores include filtered reviews. See how these scores were calculated.


Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau has a mission for helping create an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers can trust each other.

Although in the case of pet insurance companies, their rating system doesn't provide much of range in scores, you can use the site to get a feel for how many people have filed complaints, whether or not the company has resolved them and perhaps most beneficial, what type of complaints have been filed. Look for this table:

Complaint Categories
  Advertising/Sales Issues  
  Billing/Collection Issues  
  Delivery Issues  
  Guarantee/Warranty Issues  
  Problems with Product/Service

Pet Insurance Review has been around since 2005 and has served as the vanguard for the pet insurance industry. No other site comes close to matching the depth of reviews provided. The review count below and letter grade above is based on each company's lifetime ratings.

Pet Insurance Review Embrace ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Healthy Paws Petplan Pets Best Trupanion VPI/

  # of Customer Reviews 3,041 1,458 973 2,363 947 2,101 2,775  
Based on reviews as of January 7th, 2014.


Yelp has been in business since 2004, and while you may use them primarily for restaurants and hotels, Yelp is an excellent source for pet insurance reviews. Yelp is one of the 100 most visited websites in the U.S. What our review seems to show is when a customer has a good experience they've historically gone to, however when a customer is upset they'll go to other channels like the BBB and Yelp. In this regard Yelp serves as a good filter to get a quick take on the good, the bad, and the ugly.

One thing to be aware of when using Yelp is filtered reviews. Filtered reviews are hidden under a separate link at the bottom of the company's listing and the scores there are not factored in Yelp's overall rating. The reviews are from real customers who simply aren't "power-users" -- they haven't posted enough reviews on their site.
Filtered reviews on Yelp

Other Sources

AM Best - an excellent source to measure a company's financial stability. In the world of insurance this translates into the long term health of a company being able to payout claims.

Consumers Advocate - while much smaller than the website above with a similar name, pet insurance reviewer has perhaps the most complete view available with customers ranking on service, cost, coverage, and claims, summarized by each company getting an overall yes or no recommendation