Compare Embrace to PetFirst Pet Insurance

Choosing a pet insurance plan for your pets can be a difficult process. To help make it easier, we've put together this list of important factors to consider when comparing Embrace and PetFirst.

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One Comprehensive Plan

Embrace keeps things simple by offering one comprehensive plan for accidents & illnesses, which can be personalized to fit your budget and needs. PetFirst has three levels of standard plans and three levels of lifetime plans with varying types of limitations, several riders to add coverage that isn't included standard, and a separate list of exclusions for each plan.

Continuing Care

When purchasing a pet insurance policy you need to make sure your pet is protected for life. Chronic conditions such as diabetes, cancer, or allergies can require care year after year.

Standard accident & illness plans with PetFirst Pet Insurance do not include coverage for chronic, breed-specific, or congenital conditions. With PetFirst Pet Insurance, you must add the hereditary & chronic rider to a Standard plan or purchase one of the higher-rate Lifetime plans to get coverage for conditions that require long-term care. Every policy with Embrace includes lifetime coverage so you can rest easy knowing your pet is in good hands.

Hereditary & Genetic Condition Coverage

Hereditary and genetic conditions can lie dormant for years and when symptoms start showing they can cost thousands of dollars to treat. Standard plans with PetFirst do not cover congenital conditions. To get this crucial coverage, you can purchase a heredity & chronic rider or a Lifetime policy, but it will cost you. Embrace covers heredity & genetic conditions that your pet may be prone to with every policy.

Per-Incident Limitations

Per-incident limits restrict the overall amount you can be reimbursed for a specific accident or illness. Standard PetFirst plans have per-incident limits, while Embrace only limits you per year. Most Embrace policies purchased include a $10,000 annual maximum. Standard PetFist plans have per-incident maximums between $500 and $1,500 depending on what plan you choose.

Independent Customer Rating

Want to know why Embrace is consistently rated one of the best pet insurance companies in America? See what pet parents really think about Embrace at Reviews are completed by actual pet insurance users and Embrace is consistently rated over 9 out of 10. We also suggest additional sources for pet insurance reviews.

Annual Deductible

With PetFirst Pet Insurance, you pay a new deductible each time you visit the vet for a new condition. With Embrace, you only need to meet your deductible once per year. This means that if your pet has an unlucky year, you could save a few hundred dollars with an Embrace policy.

This comparison of PetFirst Pet Insurance plans and coverage was wholly prepared by Embrace Pet Insurance Agency and was last updated in April 2014. If you have questions about PetFirst Pet Insurance plans, prices, or coverage we encourage you to contact a representative of PetFirst Pet Insurance.