Pet parent holding an Embrace dog
Elton, Embraced since 2011
Embrace insured Gracie hugged by pet parent.
Gracie, Embraced since 2014
Embrace insured Sugar & Currie Bee held by pet parent.
Sugar & Currie Bee, Embraced since 2013
Embrace insured Chewie held by pet parent.
Chewie, Embraced since 2013

Best friends deserve the best care.

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Puppies & Dogs

Each stage in a dog's life comes with its own joys, challenges, and risks. We want to be there to help you get through it all.

Protect your newest family member or loyal friend with an Embrace pet insurance plan.

Puppy Insurance | Dog Insurance

Kittens & Cats

Whether you have an outdoor cat capable of $12,000 in vet bills, or an indoor cat focused on house-bound mischief we've got you covered.

Our comprehensive accident & illness plan provides a hassle-free claims experience.

Kitten Insurance | Cat Insurance

Pet Insurance Comparison

Shopping around for pet insurance? We help you navigate the fine print by providing head-to-head comparisons.

When it comes to selecting pet health insurance, the difference is in the details.

Routine Care | Embrace vs the Competition