Nevada Pet Insurance

Coverage available in all Nevada cities, including Carson City, Las Vegas, Henderson, Reno, Sparks, and Elko.


Protecting Your Dog or Cat in Nevada

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As pet parents, you understand the relationship we all have with our dog or cat. A true part of the family. A trusted companion. A playmate. A confidante. A friend.

That is why pet insurance from Embrace helps to protect dogs and cats throughout Nevada with affordable, flexible pet insurance that helps bring pet parents peace of mind.

Embrace Pet Insurance provides coverage for your dog or cat when you visit any veterinarian in Nevada. In fact, we provide coverage in every US state, and once insured we cover your vet bills anywhere in the world your pet travels with you. With Embrace you can visit any kind of general, specialist or emergency veterinarian.

Protecting your dog or cat is more important now than ever. Veterinary fees increased 85% between January 2000 and December 20111. Over the same time period the overall consumer price index (CPI) rose just 31%. At this rate, veterinary fees will double every 13 years. That's faster than our salaries can catch up. That’s why smart pet parents in cities throughout Nevada are turning to Embrace.
1Bureau of Labor & Statistics, Veterinary Inflation, Veterinary Services US City Average Seasonally Adjusted


Why Nevada Pet Parents Choose Embrace

We looked at the pet insurance market and talked to lots of pet parents to understand the needs of pet parents in Nevada and around the country. We learned there were high expectations when it came to pet health insurance, and they weren't always being met. Here at Embrace, we believe that if you don't like the rules of the game, then you should change them. So that's what we're doing.

Nevada Pet Insurance Quotes

Hundreds of cats and dogs across the state of Nevada are insured with Embrace and premiums vary from city to city. We offer comprehensive coverage with discounts available including multi-pet and annual pay. Here are some sample quotes to give you a better idea of what pet insurance costs in Nevada.

City Premium
Dog Boxer 5 Las Vegas $42.23
per month
Dog Great Dane 1 Henderson $52.02
per month
Cat Domestic Shorthair 4 Reno $214.24
per YEAR
Cat Tabby 5 Carson City $15.55
per month

As you can see, the cost of pet insurance can vary quite a bit. Personalize your pet insurance quote today to fit your budget and needs.

Insure Your Dog or Cat Today

To purchase pet health insurance for your cat or dog today, start a quote online. We'll ask a few simple questions about your dog or cat and create a custom policy in minutes. Or for more information contact us.

Most Popular Breeds in Nevada

According to our database of pets insured with Embrace (as of December 2013), these are the most popular dog and cat breeds in Nevada:

Embraced Dog Breeds
1. Labrador Retriever
2. Dachshund
3. Great Dane
4. Border Collie
5. Boxer

Embraced Cat Breeds
1. Domestic Shorthair
2. Domestic Longhair
3. Tabby
4. Domestic Mediumhair
5. Siamese