Embraced Pet Archive - September 2013

Pet of the Month

Ralphie - Pet of the Month September 2013


Breed: Labrador mix
Pet Parent: Elisa H.
Location: Breinigsville, PA

Age: 7 months old
Embraced Since: 6/11/2013

Why we love him:
Ralphie's sweet, eager smile makes him look ready for just about any adventure you might take him on.

Pets of the Week

 Bentley - Pet of the Week September 2013Bentley, selected 9/26/2013

Breed: Havanese
Pet Parent: Mary Jean S.
Location: La Grange, IL

Age: 1 year old
Embraced Since: 11/15/2012

Why we love him: We think Bentley's sweet face would make a fabulous cartoon! Who wants to draw him for us?!

 Sophie & Aubrey - Pets of the Week September 2013Sophie & Aubrey, selected 9/19/2013

Breed: Dom. Longhair/Mediumhair
Pet Parent: Melissa S.
Location: Catonsville, MD

Age: 3 years old & 1 year old
Embraced Since: 2/18/2013

Why we love them: Sophie and Aubrey are perfectly showing off the beautiful differences between a grown cat and a kitten.

 Boo - Pet of the Week September 2013Boo, selected 9/12/2013

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair
Pet Parent: Kelly T.
Location: Indian River Shores, FL

Age: 9 years old
Embraced Since: 8/1/2013

Why we love him: He kinda looks like he's ready to waltz!

 Onyx - Pet of the Week September 2013Onyx, selected 9/5/2013

Breed: Portuguese Water Dog
Pet Parent: Alicia E.
Location: Atlanta, GA

Age: 4 years old
Embraced Since: 5/5/2010

Why we love him: A Portuguese Water Dog in a kiddie pool - what could be better?!