Embraced Pet Archive - October 2013

Pet of the Month

Matty - Pet of the Month October 2013


Breed: Labradoodle
Pet Parent: Carolyn I.
Location: Fort Myers, FL

Age: 9 months old
Embraced Since: 4/16/2013

Why we love her:
Matty's sweet smile says she's ready to play!

Pets of the Week

 Riley - Pet of the Week October 2013Riley, selected 10/31/2013

Breed: Maltese
Pet Parent: Linda C.
Location: Warwick, RI

Age: 6 years old
Embraced Since: 5/24/2013

Why we love him: We don't think we've ever seen a pup with such clean, pure, white fur. It's pretty spectacular!

 Gus - Pet of the Week October 2013Gus, selected 10/24/2013

Breed: French Bulldog
Pet Parent: Doug V.
Location: Ocean, NJ

Age: 8 months old
Embraced Since: 5/3/2013

Why we love him: That inquisitive look that says "So, what should we do today?!"

 Beansies- Pet of Week October 2013Beansies, selected 10/17/2013

Breed: English Bulldog
Pet Parent: Briseida U.
Location: Cathedral City, CA

Age: 8 months old
Embraced Since: 6/12/2013

Why we love her: Something about that underbite just warms our hearts.

 Hap - Pet of the Week October 2013Hap, selected 10/10/2013

Breed: Mixed Breed
Pet Parent: Sara L.
Location: Olathe, KS

Age: 4 years old
Embraced Since: 9/19/2013

Why we love her: What do cats love so much about laying in empty boxes? Hap sure does look comfortable there.

 Commander - Pet of the Week October 2013Commander, selected 10/3/2013

Breed: Rottweiler mix
Pet Parent: Tiffany C.
Location: Hudson Oaks, TX

Age: 3 years old
Embraced Since: 2/18/2013

Why we love him: As the warm days start to dwindle, we love seeing a happy pup in a kiddie pool.