Embraced Pet Archive - June 2013

Pet of the Month

Picard - Pet of Month June


Breed: Puggle
Pet Parent: Diane K.
Location: San Francisco, CA

Age: 3 years old
Embraced Since: 9/10/2010

Why we love him:
Picard looks quite comfy snuggled up under the sheets. Makes us want to cuddle up with him!

Pets of the Week

Frankie - Pet of the Week June 2013 Frankie, selected 6/27/2013

Breed: Dachshund
Pet Parent: Susan I.
Location: Moorpark, CA

Age: 7 years old
Embraced Since: 9/22/2009

Why we love him: Frankie looks like he is about to take off out of that tunnel. Gotta love an active Dachshund!

Aubrey - Pet of Week Aubrey, selected 6/20/2013

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Pet Parent: Melissa S.
Location: Catonsville, MD

Age: 11 months old
Embraced Since: 2/18/2013

Why we love her: There is something sweet and innocent in that kitten face.

Tulip May - Pet of the Week June 2013 Tulip May, selected 6/13/2013

Breed: Beagle
Pet Parent: Cindy M.
Location: Gibbstown, NJ

Age: 10 years old
Embraced Since: 3/16/2011

Why we love her: Tulip May is looking good in her baseball gear. Go team!

Dash - Pet of Week June 6 Dash, selected 6/6/2013

Breed: Border Collie
Pet Parent: Paige K.
Location: Springfield, PA

Age: 1 year old
Embraced Since: 4/17/2013

Why we love him: Dash has beautiful eyes and wonderful giant ears.