Embraced Pet Archive - July 2014

Pet of the Month

Motu - Tonkinese - 7/17/2014


Breed: Tonkinese
Pet Parent: Phyllis P.
Location: La Jolla, CA

Age: 1 year old
Embraced Since: 6/22/2013

Why we love him: Motu is giving his best "Did you buy me treats?" look.

Pets of the Week

Ember - Flat Coated RetrieverEmber, selected 7/31/2014

Breed: Flat Coated Retriever
Pet Parent: Laura P.
Location: Lakeland, FL

Age: 3 years old
Embraced Since: 9/6/2012

Why we love him: Look at that tongue, it's awesome!

Bruin - Chihuahua Mix - 7/24/2014Bruin, selected 7/24/2014

Breed: Chihuahua mix
Pet Parent: Brittany P.
Location: Lowell, MA

Age: 10 months old
Embraced Since: 11/17/2013

Why we love him: That sweet face and those ears - how could we not love him?!

Hugo - 7/17/2014Hugo, selected 7/17/2014

Breed: Mixed Breed Dog
Pet Parent: Lyndsey M.
Location: Kenmore, NY

Age: 11 months old
Embraced Since: 11/21/2013

Why we love him: Hugo is an adorable, shaggy dog with the sweetest eyes. He melts our hearts.

Estella Jaeger Siberian HuskiesEstrella & Jaeger, selected 7/10/2014

Breed: Siberian Huskies
Pet Parent: Evelyn L.
Location: Centreville, VA

Age: 11 months (Jaeger),
7 months (Estrella)
Embraced Since: 2/25/2014

Why we love them: These puppies look like the cutest "double trouble" we've ever seen!

Cosmo Kramer - Rottweiler - 7/3/14Cosmo Kramer, selected 7/3/2014

Breed: Rottweiler Mix
Pet Parent: Chris R.
Location: Parma, OH

Age: 6 years old
Embraced Since: 12/15/2011

Why we love him: This handsome pup looks great in his red, white, and blue bandana.