Embraced Pet Archive - January 2013

Pet of the Month


Breed: Maltipoo
Pet Parent: Judy B.
Location: St. Augustine, FL

Age: 4 Months
Embraced Since: 12/1/2012

Why we love her:
What's not lovable about a puppy on a coffee table? Maybe she can help us with that crossword puzzle behind her.

Pets of the Week

Kira, selected 1/31/2013

Breed: Siberian
Pet Parent: Jaimi K.
Location: San Pedro, CA

Age: 4 Years
Embraced Since: 7/6/2010

Why we love her:
Her intense eyes

Pandora, selected 1/24/2013

Breed: English Bulldog
Pet Parent: Ilanna B.
Location: Woonsocket, RI

Age: 1 Year
Embraced Since: 3/17/2012

Why we love her:
That amazing underbite

Angus, selected 1/17/2013

Breed: Bloodhound
Pet Parent: Kim S.
Location: Milan, NH

Age: 6 Months
Embraced Since: 9/1/2012

Why we love him:
Look at those wrinkles!

Gus & Ollie, selected 1/10/2013

Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Pet Parent: Jean B.
Location: Point Roberts, WA

Age: 8 years
Embraced Since: 11/20/2012

Why we love them:
Just look at them - these are kitties on a mission!

Sugar, selected 1/3/2013

Breed: Mixed Breed
Pet Parent: Joey R.
Location: Reynoldsburg, OH

Age: 1 year
Embraced Since: 12/8/2012

Why we love her:
The smile with the underbite.