Embraced Pet Archive - April 2013

Pet of the Month

Simmee - Pet of the Month April


Breed: Dom. Shorthair
Pet Parent: Brenda J.
Location: Arley, AL

Age: 2 years
Embraced Since: 12/1/2012

Why we love him:
Simmee may be perched on that armchair, but he looks ready to spring into action at any moment.

Pets of the Week

Gracie - Pet of Week Gracie, selected 4/25/2013

Breed: Golden Retriever
Pet Parent: Libby B.
Location: Woodbridge, VA

Age: 1 year old
Embraced Since: 9/1/2012

Why we love her: Gracie celebrated her first birthday with this beautiful photo!

Pet of Week - Stella Greyhound Stella, selected 4/18/2013

Breed: Greyhound
Pet Parent: Christie K.
Location: Davisburg, MI

Age: 3 years
Embraced Since: 2/23/2012

Why we love her: Stella's long neck and nose are perfect examples of Greyhound beauty.

Lexi - Pet of the Week Lexi, selected 4/11/2013

Breed: English Mastiff
Pet Parent: Allison L.
Location: Annapolis, MD

Age: 5 months old
Embraced Since: 1/15/2013

Why we love her: That white muzzle from snacking on snow.

Canela - Pet of Week Canela, selected 4/3/2013

Breed: Mixed Breed
Pet Parent: Matt W.
Location: Edmond, OK

Age: 6 months old
Embraced Since: 11/21/2012

Why we love her: Canela's matching collar and leash say "Walk me now!"