Steadfast Friends iPhone Case Giveaway

Lea Jaratz

Steadfast Friends has just launched a line of canine-centric iPhone 4 & 4S cases so that owners can show off their favorite breed. The silicone cases come in 23 different breed silhouettes, in three different color combinations ($30 plus tax, with free shipping). Along with their iPhone cases, they've just launched a new line of temporary tattoos of 73 breeds in over 107 different distinctive, hand-cut silhouettes.

And, with personalized devices comes personalized donations. You can select from any of Steadfast Friends' charitable partners to receive 10% of the proceeds from your sale.

According to a recent study by mobile device insurer SquareTrade, 30% of iPhone users have damaged their devices in the last 12 months alone. Embracer Jessica admits to dropping her phone regularly, but has been sporting her Boxer iPhone case for a few weeks now. So, while it's taken a beating, the case (and the phone) still look good as new. The case is sleek, no added bulk. Jessica also noted that she doesn't have to pop the case off to dock it, like she would with some other cases. Don't you just love when things make sense like that?

Personally, I think that when it comes to images of our dogs, the details count. I love when companies show dogs in their many forms--their Boxer silhouettes are available with ears cropped or natural! Many of the breeds have multiple poses and profiles available, so it's likely that one image will put you in mind of your dog.

It's a good day for iPhone carrying dog lovers, because Steadfast Friends is giving away one iPhone case and a pack of temporary tattoos! Use our Rafflecopter for quick and easy entry using Facebook, Twitter, or both! Good luck, Friends!

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