Sojos Natural Dog Food

Lea Jaratz

Sojos Dog Food The last few days may have been some of the happiest days of Kayden’s life. We’ve been testing out Sojos Turkey Complete mix, a raw, freeze-dried dog food. It’s more than just dog food. It’s turkey, egg, sweet potato, celery, apples, pumpkin, and so many more good tasting and good for you ingredients. Honestly, I never imagined that a dog food could smell so good. The idea of “raw,” “freeze-dried” sounds totally unappealing to me. But, it actually smelled a bit like human comfort food, complete with basil and celery. I didn’t taste test it though. Kayden was happy enough to do that for me.

Kayden, not much of an eater, was downright antsy come meal time, dancing around while I mixed his food with warm water, chowing it down as soon as he could get at it. His high-end kibble can sit in the bowl for hours before he picks at it, but the Sojos was gone in seconds.

It’s not just tasty food though. The Minnesota-based Sojos stands by its philosophy of offering healthy foods, being sure to use only GMO-free, human-grade ingredients, without preservatives or artificial colors or flavors (because your dog doesn’t care what color his food is). I found the process to be totally convenient, allowing easy meal prep that could even be done on the go. Just add water to the mix, let it soak a few minutes to break up, (you can even do bulk batches of mix up to 4 days in advance) and serve. No freezing or refrigeration needed. No chopping, prepping, or thawing. The bag simply sat on my kitchen counter, taking up hardly any space at all. And, because a 2.5 Lb Bag ($26.40) lasted 65 lb. Kayden about 2 weeks, there’s was no bulky 25 lb. bag of food to hoist into my car. In fact, it’s so light, Sojos even offers free shipping on any pet food order.

They also offer grain-free mixes, ready for you to add your own meat, so that dogs with dietary issues or grain sensitivities can enjoy Sojos too. Cats are welcome to enjoy Sojos as well, with their Grain Free Turkey Complete Mix. Again, just add water and your cat can enjoy freeze-dried, all-natural turkey. Yum!

Wanna see your dog do the “I want my Sojos” dance? Just enter our monthly contest using the Rafflecopter and we’ll ship one winner a 2.5 lb. bag of Turkey Complete mix and a box of the good dog® apple dumpling dog treats. In the meantime, find a Sojos retailer near you.

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