Offering Guilt-Free Pet Sitting

Lea Jaratz Giveaway Do you get a little twinge of guilt when you have to ask a friend to watch your pets? Ever find yourself needing emergency pet sitting? I can honestly say yes to both. My dogs aren’t great candidates for traditional boarding or for doggy daycares, so I’m always trying to find someone to take them in for a few days here and there, negotiating sitting trades or trying to rotate through my friend list so that I don’t burn any one option out. Whether I’m gone for a day or a week, the hassle still feels the same. brings you guilt-free pet sitting options. It’s an organization of pet parents who are excited to watch your pet (in their home or yours) for a modest fee, and all of the coordinating, payment, and instructions are handled right on Yes. I just blew your mind. It’s one of the coolest pet services I’ve ever seen, and I was lucky enough to try it out.

Earlier this month, concierge Kathryn called me to discuss making an overnight arrangement for Kayden. While Kayden is a peach in most ways, he’s not so good with cats or assertive dogs and Kathryn took careful notes about Kayden’s quirks. Within a few days, she called me to tell me she’d found a match and instantly e-mailed me with two options, both within about 20 minutes of my house. She’d already confirmed their availability, so all I had to do was look at their bios. (Rover sitters come with training and referrals and have access to Ask a Vet and other emergency services.) Jason's profile looked like the sort of home I’d want my dogs to spend time in, and all I had to do was contact him to confirm.

Jason and I had a quick call about drop off and pick up times, and he was very accommodating. While we had the option to do a meet and greet, the call and his reviews were enough to help me feel confident that Kayden would be safe and happy with his family. On our way out of town, we took Kay for a quick introduction to his new dog buddies and were on our way. All of his feeding and care instructions were already loaded onto Kayden’s bio.

With Rover, there are no strict policies or procedures that you must adhere to. All arrangements are left to be decided between sitter and owner--except the money, and that’s all handled by using their online payment system. (Would now be a good time to mention that they’re giving $25 credit to our readers?) No dropping your pets on friends or family and no guilt about saying “no” to watching the dog that lifts his leg on your loveseat. I’m helping a fellow dog person make $25 for doing something they enjoy, and it’s as easy as that.

What if finding a sitter isn’t possible at the last minute? In times of crisis, hospitalization or emergency, the concierge is essential. One never knows when they’ll need someone to look in on their pets for a short time or over several days, and having Rover around helps me to relax knowing that I could always find some kind soul willing to help out (for a fee, of course).

Kayden spent just 24 hours with Jason and his little family, but when I picked him up he was relaxed and didn’t seem overly happy to see me. I take that as a good sign. Had I left him in a noisy kennel or daycare he would have been anxious and exhausted, but instead he looked like a kid that had just spent the night at a sleepover. A little tired, he was none the worse for wear after playing with some new friends.

Would I recommend to my friends? Absolutely. I already have. You’re entitled to your $25 credit at using code EMBRACE25, but don’t forget to enter our raffle for an extra $50 in Rover credit.


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