Petbrosia 90 Day Nutrition Challenge

Lea Jaratz

Petbrosia GiveawayWe’re all about eating to live, not living to eat (except when there’s cake in the office for birthdays). But our dogs and cats depend on us to provide healthful, balanced diets that prevent obesity and improve or maintain their overall health. It can be tricky though, to know what pet food formula to select for your pet. That's why Petbrosia is taking the guess work out of choosing a healthy diet for your pet.

They’ve developed an algorithm to calculate the optimal protein, fat and carbs for your pet based on age, breed, weight and other factors. Just enter a few quick bits of info about your cat or dog and they’ll create a special formula for your pet, even factoring in allergy issues. You have the option to select auto-refill (so your dog doesn’t end up eating turkey sandwiches like mine sometimes do) and they’ll even adjust the formula as your pet ages. Getting the right amount of calories and the nutritious ingredients your pet needs can reduce obesity and aid digestion, mobility and immunity. You might even find your pet has a healthier coat and teeth, thanks in part to their less dense kibble.

Petbrosia Pet NutritionNormally, my dogs are the ones doing the product reviews around here, but now it’s your turn! Petbrosia believes you will see a difference in your pet after 90 days using the Petbrosia Nutrition System and that’s why they are offering the Petbrosia 90-Day Challenge. If you don’t see a change, they will give you your money back! To take part, go to, complete the registration, enable auto-replenishment, and use the coupon code Embrace 25. By using this coupon code and enabling auto-replenishment, you will receive 25% off each of your first three boxes during the 90-Day Challenge.

Furthermore, Petbrosia is happy to give away five 10 lb. boxes of kibble to five lucky readers. The Rafflecopter has everything you need to enter. (Don’t worry--if you want to participate in the Petbrosia 90-day challenge and win the raffle, they’ll ship you one of your boxes at no charge.)


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