Litter One: All-in-One for the Eco-Friendly Feline

Lea Jaratz
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Very little has changed in the way we manage our litter boxes over the last few decades. It’s the least-pleasant part of cat companionship, which is why we’re so excited to see an eco-friendly and revolutionary product come along, making our homes and our earth a cleaner place.

Litter One is an all-inclusive cat litter kit made of entirely eco-friendly and chemical free disposable materials. The package includes the litter box itself, natural pine pellet litter, a cardboard scoop and paper bags for waste clean-up. My favorite feature is the patented False Floor which allows the urine soaked sawdust to drop through perforations to keep the urine out of the routine clean up and off of your cat’s paws. Chief Embracer Laura had her cats put it to the test at home and had a mostly positive response:

  • Environmentally friendly – the fact that it is made from tree waste materials is a nice plus and every aspect of the box is decomposable
  • Simple to use – you just open up the box, unfold the sides, and put down for the cats to use
  • Somewhat “piney” smell
  • Nice big box for kitty comfort

While Litter One is designed to last 4-6 weeks, it was pretty clear that with two cats using this box regularly throughout the day (even with other litter boxes available) that this box might not be best suited for multiple cats. After about one week the box became “noticeably malodorous” with no option to dump just the urine dust. Laura also noticed that the pellets are very heavy and might make it harder for the cat to dig into. This could be a pro- or a con- depending on your cat and whether they like to fling litter or are maybe a bit fussy about their litter density.

When your box is all used up, the entire kit goes straight into the trash, making cleanup easier than ever. No liners or washing the box. Perfect for travel or the busy cat companion.

If you’ve got a cat in need of an eco-friendly alternative to clay litter, we’ve got the perfect raffle for you!

Disclosure: The Water Bowl received promotional samples of Litter One for the purposes of review. One additional product will be given by the sponsor for the contest prize. Embrace has not received any financial compensation in exchange for this review.

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