101 Essential Tips Giveaway

Lea Jaratz

Over the course of seven years of hearing Embrace Pet Insurance claim horror stories, everything from ingested corn cobs to rattlesnake bites, you’d think I’d have heard it all. But Jason Nicholas, BVetMed (aka The Preventive Vet) has compiled a list of tips and cautionary tales that will make even the most safety savvy pet parent take notice. In 101 Essential Tips You Need to Raise a Happy, Healthy, Safe Dog, Dr. Nicholas shares his expertise and insight on prevention of poisoning, injury, and other medical emergencies.

101 Essential Tips Jason Nicholas Preventative Vet Some of the entries are very specific reminders, like avoiding the use of choke collars or loose tags around slatted deck boards or in crates. I can only imagine the horrible event that led to this entry, but after having read a quick blurb, I’ll know to watch for these sorts of situations. The tips address practical, real world topics, like safety around paper shredders, swimming pools, or compost heaps. But the anecdotal tone helps the reader to realize that just a little awareness could potentially save a life. This book would be a great gift for a new puppy parent, foster family or adopter, because it’s got a wealth of helpful advice without coming across as preachy or unreasonable.

Speaking of great gifts, we’re giving away 3 copies of this book! With the help of our Pet Poison Prevention Center, we’re sending you on a mini-scavenger hunt.

Option A: head over to our list of Pet Poison Prevention topics, and comment on this post with the name of a substance or item that you didn’t know was toxic.

Option B: share a story on our Facebook wall of a time when your pet had a near-miss injury or illness.

Feel free to complete both options, but be sure to use our Rafflecopter to participate so that your entry is counted!

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