Happy Dog Box: Monthly Goodies Make Happy Dogs

Lea Jaratz

Happy Dog Box Nothing gives me a little pick-me-up like getting a package in the mail. But, I get an even bigger pick-me-up when I see the smiles on my dogs’ faces when they get a package full of treats. A box full of treats, toys, and good stuff makes for happy dogs. Happy Dog Box is just that!

The monthly subscription boxes are a booming industry right now, offering new and novel products for kids, coffee lovers, fashionistas, and more. Happy Dog Box is one of the latest to join the craze, offering “high-end boutique brands” delivered to your door once a month. They focus on all-natural and holistic treats and toys made in the U.S., so you’re not saddled with junk that wasn’t sourced well. With brands like Evo and California Natural, the inclusions are definitely a higher tier of product. And, because the boxes are appropriately customized to your dog’s size, you’ll get treats and toys that are stimulating and fun.

Having never tried a subscription service like this, but being a trendy pet-product reviewer, I wasn’t expecting to be surprised by any of the goodies. It’s not often I see a treat that my dogs haven’t tried (or turned their noses up at). But, Kayden and I both found December’s Happy Dog Box to be a pleasant surprise!

Kayden is camera shy, but was happy to help me snoop through the box:


Amongst the stash:

  • Two Gourmet frosted gingerbread cookie treats
  • peanut butter treats from Wigzi, which proved perfect for quick training treats
  • organic chicken jerky strips from Plato
  • peppermint shampoo and between bath spray from Cain and Able Collection - one of the lighter, more pleasant smelling dog shampoos we’ve used.

But, Kayden’s favorite, easily, was the Kyjen toy from their Tough Ones line. The squeaker was removed pretty quickly, but the remaining shell of the toy is still hanging out in his crate well into the new year.

We’re always getting treats and toys at The Water Bowl product testing center (aka my house), but I can honestly say The Happy Dog Box was fresh and new.

You can sign up for month-to-month delivery, but a 6 month subscription gives you a nice discount. I can’t think of a better way to chase off the winter doldrums than to receive a Happy Dog Box every month!

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