Greenies Brings Summer Freshness

Lea Jaratz

Greenies Dog and Cat TreatsI love the freshness that comes with summer. Everything looks better, tastes better, smells better. Well, okay... not everything. Certainly not the breath of a panting dog. But, there is a freshness cure for that too -- Greenies!

We’ve given our dogs Greenies for years. They’re a fairly hard treat, so they last a few minutes, but not so long that they require a lengthy supervision. No stains, mess, or smell left behind. They’ve been given the The Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) Seal of Acceptance. To me, that’s a fancy way of saying that it’s a lot nicer being downwind from my pups after a Greenie. And it’s true. On a hot day like today I can use my fans for more than just blowing dog breath away.

The feline Greenies are pretty cool too, because they’re a multi-layered snack. The exterior shell has a crunchy texture to scrape against cats’ teeth while the inside contains proteins and healthful oils to improve overall health. So even though cat breath can be an annoyance, giving Greenies addresses more than just that.

While Greenies has become known for dental chews, people often forget that they also offer help for joint issues and weight management at all stages of your cat or dog’s life. Their JointCare treats contain omega-3 fatty acids and naturally occurring glucosamine and chondroitin. They also offer “calorie-friendly” treats, because that’s a big concern, even with a small snack. It’s nice to know that you’re sneaking in a little extra something healthy and your pet is loving you for it.

Greenies Dog Treats GiveawaySpeaking of taste testing. Notice there aren’t many photos of us giving our dogs Greenies? That’s because they took them and ran - the dogs were too excited to get their chompers around some Greenies. Not one pet turned their nose up at the cat or dog Greenies that we received for this review. That doesn’t happen all that often.

Greenies is giving away a Fresh Start Summer gift pack to one lucky cat or dog. To win a summer supply of treats, upload or tweet a photo of your cat or dog with a sign that shows us how they feel about Greenies. Share it multiple times for more chances to win!

Disclosure: The Water Bowl received promotional samples of Greenies for the purposes of review. One additional product will be given by the sponsor for the contest prize. Embrace has not received any financial compensation in exchange for this review.


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