Green Slow Feeder Review & Giveaway

Lea Jaratz
Green Slow FeederGreen Slow Feeder

What if I told you they designed a single product that would eliminate some of the most disgusting aspects of dog ownership? A single item that would reduce dog vomiting, gagging, belching and, not least of all, gas? More importantly, it might even prevent your dog from experiencing a life-threatening case of bloat? Interested? Good.

The Green Slow Feeder from Company of Animals is just that product, helping to slow your dog’s feeding time reducing digestive issues. It also provides much needed mental exercise to high-energy dogs in need of a daily puzzle. Speaking of brilliant, driven dogs, we put the Green Slow Feeder to the test with Henry J. Puppypants himself. Henry could use an endorsement deal as a competitive eater, as he normally eats his kibble in about 27 seconds (If I didn’t know Henry personally, I’d probably think this was staged. Sadly, no.).


But, as you can see below, the Green Slow Feeder has helped him to eat at a normal pace (it took him six minutes and thirty seconds to eat the same amount of food), sparing his companions some of his digestive “unpleasantness.” Henry also gets a bit of much needed mental and physical stimulation with the Green Slow Feeder.


Dogs of all shapes and sizes can use the Green Slow Feeder. We tested it with a Doberman, a Puggle and a Rottweiler, to name a few. We did notice that while all shapes of noses could play with the Green Slow Feeder, Cooper the Puggle much preferred the Buster Maze. This might have been due to his short nose, or just one of those instances when, for a hound mix, following the nose is bliss.

Buster MazeBuster Maze

With excitable eaters comes a little extra drool as the dogs are really working up an appetite as they eat. Good thing these feeders are dishwasher safe, (as well as food grade and phthalate-free) because they definitely get covered in slobber.

One lucky snout is about to do a little digging in the Green Slow Feeder or a little snooping in the Buster Maze! Enter to win our May Giveaway and Company of Animals will send the feeder of your choice!

Disclosure: The Water Bowl received promotional samples of dog feeders for the purposes of review. One additional product will be given by the sponsor for the contest prize. Embrace has not received any financial compensation in exchange for this review.


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